Man in 60s infected with Coronavirus on Diamond Princess used Sport Club on the day he was released from the quarantined ship

The day he got out of Diamond Princess, he went to Sports Club where more than 150 people were using that facility. He went to the Sports Club twice after he got out of Diamond Princess. Then health officials found out his test result has become positive. Those health officials asked him where he went after he got out of the ship, and this infected guy lied to those officials and said “I went to only the nearest grocery store twice.” He did not say he went to that sports club twice.

About 2000 with negative on the test results have been released from the quarantined ship in Japan. They had been quarantined on the ship for long time, and they have strong desire to eat whatever they want in some restaurants or go to Sports Club or hot spring facilities. Many of those people might be infected with Coronavirus because negative test results are not trustable at all.

Chinese Government reported that ONLY 40% of infected people got positive on the test results and the rest of 60% of infected people got negative on the test results. That means these test results are NOT trustable at all!

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