Coronavirus Pandemic is coming home where Bioweapon Coronavirus’s patent holder, Bill Gates has family’s mansion

As you know, Bill Gates is the one who has the patent of this bioweapon, Coronavirus. And now, Coronairus Pandemic is getting very close to his family’s mansion. You can say this is the home coming event of Coronavirus Pandemic in Greater Seattle area where the patent holder, Bill Gates’ family is living.

Corona Pandemic has infected Kirkland nursing facility, Life Care Center. Kirkland is located near Seattle, a part of Greater Seattle area.

A man in 70’s living in Life Care Center in Karkland has died with Coronavirus infection. This is the second death with Coronavirus infection in US. In addition, in this nursing home, 6 people have been found infected with Coronavirus.

First Death has been reported in Evergreen Hospital in also Kirkland! Those 2 people died in the same Evergreen Hospital.

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