Corona Pandemic: How people react around me because I am Asian is funny!

It looks like many of uneducated people think

Asians = Coronavirus Infected People.

When I went to Walmart, a cashier wiped her hands with hand sanitizer right after she finished. What she does not realized is that hand sanitizer is not effective to kill all the viruses. FDA warned Purell to remove the product description saying “Purell can kill all the viruses including Ebola Virus.”

Today, one guy was passing beside me with his handkerchief on his mouth. But after he went away from me, he put his handkerchief into his pocket.

It is OK for me because nobody (including Government/Military agents stalking after me) can disturb me. They had better be afraid of me.

But this Corona Pandemic has been bouncing back to where Bill Gates house is located near Seattle. It looks like this Coronavirus loves to go home where he was created.

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