Super Airborne HIV? That’s Coronavirus?

Some specialists suggest this Coronavirus is HIV attacks immune system. But difference is this Coronavirus is SUPER AIRBORNE HIV can spread thousands a day worldwide.

Once we get HIV, we cannot get rid of HIV virus just like herpes virus. We have to live with HIV rest of our life taking antiviral drugs. But the problem is this Coronavirus is almost HIV with 4 HIV genome inserts, but this Coronavirus has also the character of SARS, super airborne infectious disease. In the result, Coronavirus has been created as Super Airborne HIV.

As you know, this Coronavirus has been created by Bill Gates. He has the patent of this Coronavirus, Super Airborne HIV.

Once we get this Coronavirus, we have to live with this Super Airborne HIV, immunodeficiency super contagious disease. We have to keep taking antiviral drugs in order to suppress this airborne HIV virus.

Just like herpes virus, if our immune system suddenly become weak because of stress or some sickness, the symptoms of Coronavirus will come back including pneumonia and organ failures.

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