Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic has started from one person (an agent), named Chin (陳)

Chinese Government reported Mr. Chin, Chinese name 陳, might be the person started this Coronavirus Pandemic in Wuhan, China. He has been already recovered from Coronavirus infection.

So this Mr. Chin had spread Coronavirus to thousands of people in Wuhan, China. He might be an agent with the mission to spread Coronavirus in Wuhan, China sent by US Government. This infectious agent spread Coronavirus brought from US Military Biolab. This is the way US conducts the war against its enemy countries. US has nasty trade war against China. China will kick out all the US corporations from China by April.

US Government is also the headquarter of Illuminati, Reptilian World Government. Illuminati has the Agenda21 in order to reduce worldwide population. This Coronavirus Pandemic is a part of Agenda21 conducted by Illuminati headquarter, US Government.

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