Impossible to remove Coronavirus from our body rest of our life once infected?

Today, Japanese Health official announced that 40 year old woman once cured and got negative on the test result become positive on the rest result again!

Japanese Health official had a press conference and told “It is possible that a little virus remained in her body got reactivated. This is not the case of re-infection.”

That means this Coronavirus is just like herpes virus staying in the body rest of our life and spread virus to other people rest of our life.

Just like herpes, when we have weak immune system because of stress or some other sickness, this hibernated Coronavirus can appear again and again and give us all the symptoms including pneumonia and organ failures.

This is scary scenario, isn’t it? Then once we are quarantined (in FEMA Camp), we cannot get out of there. This is the scenario made by Illuminati, Reptilian World Government (Its headquarter is in NSA, US Government).

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