US Government infectious agents to spread Coronavirus infection are working hard in order to succeed in Agenda 21, Coronavirus Pandemic

Have you ever think about how this Coronavirus Pandemic has been created?

Those SUPER SPREADER who infected hundreds of people were ordinary people? For example, a Chinese man, who got on Diamond Princess from Hong Kong, infected 705 people on Diamond Princess Cruise, or 61 old woman who infected 700 people in Church Congregation in Daegu, South Korea?

My answer is they are agents sent by Illuminati or US Government to infect as many people as possible in order to create Coronavirus Pandemic, the part of AGENDA 21.

Those SUPER SPREADER agents are also here in Florence Library, heavy pneumonia kind of coughing in order to spread their virus. Yes, they are paid for getting Coronavirus and spreading their Coronavirus for the depopulation agenda led by the world Government, Illuminati (The headquarter of Illuminati is in NSA, US Government. )

If you type (the reverse of Illuminati), then NSA site is coming up!

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