More than a dozen of Korean soldiers have Coronavirus, over 500 Korean service members are showing symptoms, over 9000 Korean military service members are under quarantined in that US Army Base in Daegu, South Korea.

Many US soldiers in Military bases in Asian countries might have been infected with Coronavirus. When they come back to the US, it is going to be a chaos of Coronavirus Pandemic.

Remember that Chinese Government reported 60% of Coronavirus infected people with obvious symptoms got “Negative” result on the test! So some people with negative results on that test does NOT mean that they do not have Coronavirus. So basically, we cannot trust the test results.

Do you remember that on certain day, Chinese Government has changed the method to count the number of infected people? On that day, more than 15,000 people were newly found infected! Chinese Government explained why the number of cases suddenly jumped to more than 15,000 on that day. They said “We have started counting the number of people SHOWING THE SYMPTOMS rather than counting the number of positive results of the test.” Chinese Government also reported “ONLY 40% of infected people got positive on the test. The rest of 60% of infected people got the negative results on the test.”

Therefore, the most of people who got negative results on the Coronavirus test might have infected, can move freely and infect many people wherever they go.


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