Coronavirus Pandemic Stats Update

So 82% of infected people have only mild condition such as mild fever/ coughs. Those people have enough strong immune system to fight against Coronavirus.

18% of infected people have serious or critical condition that means they have pneumonia or even organ failures. Those people have weak immune system or respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis.

92% of infected people have been recovered. Only 8% of people with compromised immune system or with asthma/bronchitis condition.

South Korea has become 2nd rank next to China. 284 newly found infected people a day that means still spreading Coronavirus in South Korea a lot.

It is amazing that still 14 newly found infected people from Diamond Princess. That Chinese man who got on the ship from Hong Kong must be an infectious agent sent by US Government/Illuminati. Who could imagine this infectious agent could spread his virus to 705 people on that ship?

Italy is the 4th rank just after Diamond Princess now. 135 newly found infected people a day is a lot in Europe. I am sure these infected Italian people can spread their virus to the whole EU countries. People in Milan can travel back and forth to Switzerland through a tunnel under Alps mountains. People in EU can travel to any EU countries without passport. They hug and kiss on their face to greet.

US has strange stats. Only 3 people have been found to be infected with Coronavirus in whole US? This is unbelievable! Only 60 people have been infected in whole US? This stats is NOT trustable at all! Some covering-up operation is going on by US Government.

Even just inside the library in Florence, Alabama, I can find several looking like Coronavirus infected people coughing strenuously. Yesterday night, at the entrance of the library, I saw a black man (around 40 years old) suddenly collapsed and was carried by an ambulance. I warned a librarian who tried to approach to this collapsed guy “He might have Coronavirus!” But to him, Coronavirus infection is the thing happening in some other countries.

But remember that CDC reported on February 14 “There were 14,000 deaths on Influenza infection this Winter. But many of those deaths might be related to Coronavirus infection.”

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