CDC: This is a Worldwide Pandemic!

I can feel Coronavirus is also here in Northwest Alabama. Many agents from Government or Military Organization surrounding me have heavy coughs. Some of them have almost pneumonia kind of coughs. Those agents travel all over US and all over the world. No wonder they can be infected with Coronavirus easily.

Last night, when I was in Florence Library, one black guy at the entrance suddenly started saying ” I cannot move.” Then he sat down on the floor and stop moving. A couple of librarians started walking toward him, so I warned “He might have Coronavirus!”. But they think Coronavirus infection is thing in some other countries, not in US. One of them said “That’s not the case!” They called 911, and of course, emergency workers on the ambulance do not have protective gears nor protective clothes at all. One infected guy can transmit Coronavirus to hundreds (if not thousands) wherever he was moved such as a new big hospital in Florence.

People in US are still ignoring the warning from CDC “This winter, 14,000 people have died with influenza. But we suspect many of deaths were caused by Coronavirus instead of influenza. “

The truth is Coronavirus Pandemic might be bigger in US than in China! In China, ONLY 2500 people have died with Coronavirus infection. But in US, more than 14,000 people have died. And the most of them might have died with Coronavirus!

Florence, Alabama is a tiny city compare to New York City or Los Angeles. Still I can feel Coronavirus is right here. Then can you imagine if you live in those populated big cities?

CDC reported Total 57 evacuated from Diamond Princess were infected with Coronavirus.

Those infected Americans have been quarantined in US Air Force Base in California and in Texas. I am sure that Coronavirus infection is spreading and contaminating the whole US Air Force Bases. That’s why Government wants to move those infected people to FEMA Camp in Anniston, Alabama. How many quarantine days are left for those people? I guess they have ONLY a week or so because total length of quarantine was 2 weeks. And still, US Government wants to move those quarantined people to FEMA Camp in Anniston, Alabama. That means something serious is happening, and Government has to move those infected people so that they can avoid the Coronavirus contamination on whole 2 Air Force Bases in US.

US Government is preparing and mobilizing all FEMA Camps in the US for this Coronavirus Pandemic. One police officer told me that he is going to that facility in Anniston, Alabama to get some training soon. He said that facility has even a hospital and military facility.

US Government has known the agenda, Coronavirus Pandemic, decades ago so that they have built those FEMA Camps with millions of plastic coffins and incinerators all over US to move all the infected people. Once you are taken to those facilities, you cannot get out of there! You are put into those plastic coffins and burnt in those incinerators.

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