Coronavirus Update

We cannot see the stats made by Johns Hopkins that offers stats only for their exclusive members.

But I have found another site where I can see some stats of Coronavirus Update.

In China, it used to be more than thousands newly infected cases per day. But now, they have ONLY 409 newly infected cases. That means Coronavirus Pandemic is getting near the end. Coronavirus is not spreading very much anymore.

Diamond Princess Cruise got Total 691 cases! Who could imagine one Chinese who got on the ship from Hong Kong could spread to close to 700 people on the ship? This is amazing! This can prove this Coronavirus is SUPER AIRBORNE contagious disease spreaded thorough air ventilator system (the same air circulating all over again) in the ship.

In South Korea, total 833 cases because of the church congregation where 700 people are infected with Coronavirus. Please refrain going to a church until this Coronavirus Pandemic ends.

Surprisingly, Italy is now 4th rank of Coronavirus Infection after Diamond Princess. Just only today, 66 newly infected cases! I don’t know why. If you have the information of Coronavirus Pandemic in Italy, please leave some comments.

If we see the total number of deaths and recovered in China, about 10% people died compared with total recovered number. There are always weak immune system people who can be the victims of sickness and diseases. This is the proof that the strong immune system can beat Coronavirus infection!

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