CDC report: So many people might be already infected with Coronavirus in US?

February 14, 2020, CDC reported more than 14,000 people have died with influenza infection in US during this winter, but CDC suspects many of them might have Coronavirus infection rather than influenza infection.

14,000 people have died with influenza in US this winter! Compare with ONLY 2,250 have died with Coronavirus world wide! What is surprising is many of 14,000 dead people might have actually not influenza, but Coronavirus!

I knew it! I myself might have gotten this Coronavirus just before Christmas. I suffered severe cough with sticky sputum. The cough completely stopped around the beginning of this month. Then I got abdominal pain around stomach. I vomited almost everyday for 2 weeks. Now, finally, I feel normal without cough or vomiting for 2 weeks or so.

I don’t trust medical system, so I did not go to a hospital. Whenever I feel sick, I fight with drinking clove+cinnamon water and fresh juice with ginger, real turmeric (not the powder one), onion, radish, celery and apple. This morning, I also made that juice with my juicer, and I feel great!

I also drink cocktail of baking soda (one small spoonful) + apple cider vinegar (2 large spoonful) + a glass of water. This can make our body alkaline. Sickness and diseases including cancer cannot thrive in alkaline condition.

It looks like Coronairus is already here in US. Many people are coughing around me. What I can do is to eat good Vegan food and drink medicinal drink I make. It is not difficult nor expensive. You just need to make effort and invest $40 to buy a juicer.

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