US Government retaliates China further more in addition to Coronavirus Attack

US China Trade War has become really nasty! In addition to Bioweapon Coronavirus attack, US Government wants to confiscate all the assets of Chinese Government and its media in US.

In April, US corporations are going to be evicted by Chinese Government. They have to get out of China by April this year.

Chinese Government has prohibited to exchange Chinese money to US dollars. So basically, all the assets and money of US corporations in China are going to be confiscated by Chinese Government.

For the retaliation of this Chinese Government act against US, US Government spread Coronavirus as biological weapon to make chaos in China. In addition to Coronavirus killing in China, US Government has decided to confiscate Chinese Government assets including Chinese media in US.

As you know, the war can manifest as Coronavirus Pandemic or Earthquakes created by Earthquake Weapons such as nuclear underground detonation or using HAARP. The war using military weapons is obsolete now.

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