China confiscated 3 US media reporter’s licenses for retaliation of humiliation by US media

US China War is getting more escalated. In addition to Coronavirus attack by US, US Government might confiscate all the Chinese Government assets including 3 Chinese media owned by Chinese Government in US.

And now, US media attacks China by humiliating China. Chinese Government has removed the media licenses from 3 US media reporters in China.

Wall Street Journal wrote about China.

China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia

“China’s financial markets are probably more dangerous in the long run than China’s wildlife markets.”

Chinese Government is angry about the description written and published by Wall Street Journal as racists.

US-China War looks really escalated and dangerous. China has never been a friend country to US Government nor Reptilian World Government, Illuminati.

Illuminati insider said “By now, Japan should have attacked and invade China. That was our agenda for Illuminati World Government. But still Japan has not moved yet.” Illuminati is expecting Japanese to invade China? It must be kidding! The most of Japanese people are fed up with wars.

Japan got 2 atomic bombs by US, and Japanese people have heavy allergy against the word “war”. Japanese people feel those atomic bomb incidents just happened recently. They do not have any energy for another war. And now, China-Japan relationship is getting really well. Who wants to kill own sisters and brothers in Asia?

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