Coronavirus Infected Diamond Princess: Today 500 people with negative test results are leaving!

How can we know those 500 people do not have Coronavirus?

Their test results were negative, but when their specimen were taken? It is possible some of them are infected JUST BEFORE they left the ship just like 14 Americans are infected JUST BEFORE US Government chartered plane took off.

This Bill Gates patented SUPER AIRBORNE Coronavirus can infect people every minute and even every second. People can be infected next second. I am not kidding!

One of passengers is going to get on a taxi in Yokohama. He was surrounded by many TV reporters. He said first thing he would like to do is “Eat Sushi”.

If he is infected just before getting off the ship, he can spread his virus to those reporters, a taxi driver and people in a Sushi restaurant.

On the image above, you can see a taxi driver without any protective gear such as a mask.

Today, another taxi driver has been found infected with Coronavirus in Okinawa. He took a passenger from Diamond Princess while docked in Okinawa.

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