Inside the U.S. Coronavirus Quarantine

Can you imagine the longest Coronavirus incubation period is 23 days? But those 340 people from Diamond Princess Cruise Ship where 454 people have been infected are going to be quarantined for ONLY 14 days in US Air Force Bases in California & Texas. 340 Coronavirus ticking bombs are coming to the US, and they might spread their Coronavirus to people in US.

I know Coronavirus Pandemic is also coming to US by travelers using planes and cruise ships. If you live near big international airport or sea port, you have higher chance to get Coronavirus.

I live in rural area in Northwest Alabama where there is no international airport nor sea port. But still there is a chance some Japanese people, who are working in Toyota related companies around here, can bring Coronavirus when they travel back and forth between US and Japan. They use direct flight to Tokyo from Atlanta International Airport, one of the busiest airports in US. Many Asians including Chinese go to Tokyo first, and they change the plane to their countries including China. So basically, those Japanese workers have to share the air with some other Asians including Chinese when they travel to Japan.

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