454 people infected with Coronavirus on Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

First, it started ONLY a couple of Chinese people were found infected on the cruise ship. Now, surprising 454 people have been infected on the cruise ship even though those people have been confined in their room for last 10 days.

This is the proof that this Corona virus has been transmitted by air circulating inside the ship. Yes, this Coronavirus is SUPER AIRBORNE disease patented by Bill Gates owned Biolab.


Newly 99 people have been infected on Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. Out of 99 infected people, 70 people do NOT have any symptoms.

From Diamond Princess Cruise Ship, 340 US citizens without symptoms are going to go back to US by US Government chartered plane. They are going to be quarantined in some military bases for 2 weeks.

I believe many of 340 US citizen have already Coronavirus even though they don’t have any symptoms right now. The infection might spread from the military bases they are going to be quarantined.

The following video shows the inside of the US Government chartered plane. Those 340 people are going to be sent to US Air Force Bases in California & Texas.

A Reptilian Lady on Diamond Princess is going back to US.

Her left eye has Reptilian Eye Slit (none circular non-human eye ball).

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