How can we survive through Coronavirus Pandemic

I have proved you that all the protective gears such as protective body suit, goggle, mask and gloves might not enough to prevent being infected with Coronavirus.

If you live in a populated city, you have high chance you are going to be infected because you have more chance to contact people or share the same air with people who might be infected with Coronavirus.

If you commute and work, you have high chance to get infected with Coronavirus because while you are in an office or on train or bus, you have to share the same air with people who might be infected with Coronavirus.

The best way you can protect yourself is to have strong enough immune system in your body. You might have to be infected with Coronavirus, but your body can beat Coronavirus with strong immune system.

How you can get strong immune system?

Try to stay stress free environment as much as possible. Stress can damage your immune system.

Do exercise or walk outside in nature. Breathe fresh air with deep breathes.

Stick to Vegan as much as possible.

Ask Archangels such as Archangel Michael for protection.

The following is my way to protect myself.

Drink clove (one small spoonful) + cinnamon (one small spoonful) + water cocktail twice a day (morning & night).

Make juice with juicer. Yesterday, I made juice from ginger, turmeric, purple onion, Celery, carrot, radish and apple. The taste was OK. It was like a really good natural medicine to boost my immune system.

For the cough, onion is recommended. But it is not easy to eat raw onion. If you can make onion juice using a juicer, it is easy to take good substance from onion.

As you know, once vegetables are cooked, all the vitamins and minerals might be damaged by heat. By juicing, you can get good stuff easily.

You can buy a juicer around $40 ~$50 in Walmart. This is going to be a good investment for your health.

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