Coronavirus in Japan: Taxi Driver spread Coronavirus to 7 people

A taxi driver in Japan has been infected with Coronavirs. How he got Coronavirus is not known. Probably, one of his customer was infected with Coronavirus.

Today, Japanese Health Officials have found out 7 more people are infected with Coronavirus through this tax driver. This taxi driver, his family and his colleagues had a party on Yakata ship (a small ship with food service) this month.

Can you imagine how many people can be infected through one infected person? His/her family, colleagues and people who shared the air with him can be infected right away.

Now, the creator of this virus (its patent holder), Bill Gates must be laughing about how effective his virus spreads all over the world. He should be in jail for this crime!

Coronavirus has started spreading all over the world!

What is scary is the Coronavirus cases without trace are increasing. Many cases are not known how those people are infected. That means even though you do not know anybody infected with Coronavirus, still you might be able to be infected by sharing the air with Coronavirus infected person accidentally.

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