Quarantined Princess Cruise in Japan: 135 people infected by Coronavirus

Today, 65 people are found to be infected Coronavirus. The total number of infected people are 135 people out of 3700 people on board.

A professor specialized viral study believes Coronavirus spread inside the ship. He believes the number of infected people on the ship will increase more.

One of the worker on the ship said “The same air is circulating for the whole area.” That means the air Coronavirus infected people exhaled is also circulating for the whole area and spreading the virus.

According to Chinese study on Coronavirus, the average incubation period is 3 days. The longest incubation period is 24 days.

Japanese Foreign Minister has Reptilian Teeth.

Coronavirus Stats today


According to the stats above, the total confirmed number of cases is not very much increasing. Probably 50,000 cases will be the max?

The second most infected country is Japan because of the 135 cases on quarantined Diamond Princess Cruise Ship on Yokohama Bay.

What I would like to know is all infected people are only Asian because Chinese Government has found that the US patented Coronavirus has been designed to infect only Asian.

Chinese Government announced that 2 foreigners died because of the Coronavirus. Those dead foreigners are Japanese and US citizen. That US citizen was Asian American or some other race?

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