Change to Higher Vibration Food Diet

I’ve been sick and weak since last Christmas. I had gotten Flu (or even Bioweapon virus such as Coronavirus proven to attack ONLY Asians straight from US Military) and coughed a lot.

Last 10 days including my birthday 02/02/2020, I have severe stomachache and vomiting. Whenever I eat, I have to vomit at night with severe stomachache.

Now, I feel what I have been eating is not right. I’ve been almost Vegan for years. I eat shrimp whenever I go to Chinese Buffet once a month that is the only joy I have. I eat pizza if that is the only choice for my budget and convenience. But otherwise, I have been a Vegan.

Compare with typical BBQ people in US, what I’ve been eating is much healthier. But After 10 days of vomiting, I have realized something is not right on my diet. I eat too much carbohydrate such as rice. I cook lots of vegetables on a pan, but all the veggies are cooked and less nutritious. Recently, I do not feel good to eat cooked veggies with so much fibers.

If cooked veggies and tofu make me sick, I should switch to raw vegetables and fruits. That can also eliminate cooking and washing pots and pans. Just wash veggies and fruits. Then eat! Isn’t is so simple?

Now, we are receiving lots of energy from the Central Sun. So basically, we do not need lots of food. The vibration of the Earth is getting higher and higher. Therefore, we need more higher vibration food.

I also feel we do not need very much solid food. I really crave for fresh liquid food such as freshly made juice or smoothie. Do not spend your money on pasteurized juice because the pasteurization process ruins all the nutrition from fruits.

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Today, I will buy a juicer in Walmart.

Now I’ve realized that the amount of food I usually eat was too much. . I will reduce the amount of food to eat. That is going to save some money.

Freshly squeezed juice, avocado and maybe some small portion of carbohydrate is good enough for me.

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