Russian Pravda reports Coronavirus is genetically shaped in the American laboratories in order to infect ONLY Asians!

No wonder US Government is telling us “The risk of Coronavirus in US is low.”

But think about the area packed with Asians such as New York, San Francisco and some other California cities where have huge China Towns.

Those Chinese people living overseas are called 華僑, Chinese merchants who are back and forth US and China.

If many of those people are infected by Coronavirus in US, the virus might mutate and become infectious to any kind of races. In addition, so much population are genetically mixed in the US, even looking like Caucasian might have some Asian genes.

Actually, if you go to San Francisco, you cannot find many pure Caucasians. Instead, you can see the most of people mixed with Chinese. Some of them have blond hair with Asian face. I’m not kidding!

Chinese people are everywhere operating Chinese restaurants cooking for Americans. The most of Americans go to Chinese buffet or Chinese takeout at least once a month. For working people, Chinese takeout for lunch is very popular.

There is NO guarantee that Coronavirus keeps infecting only Asian forever. Viruses and bacteria are always evolve and mutate in order to infect new hosts.

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