How I fought against the viral infection this winter

I suspect US Government and military made my whole family infected super strong virus that might be even Coronavirus, US bioweapon.

Since I have started my blog in Japanese which attracted around 10,000 viewers everyday in US, I have been a target of Reptilian Entities such as US Government and US military. Almost everyday, they have had operations in order to kill me.

They have tried shooting ammunition, put some poisons into my food whenever I go to a restaurant, spraying chemtrails in low sky just around my house. They have tried many things almost everyday, but they are keep failing because I have the strong protection from Galactic Federation of Light.

Then this winter, just before Christmas, my family got strange viral infection. My 3 sons could recovered within 2 weeks, but I myself had to cough almost endlessly for a month. Yes, I got almost pneumonia and 100% bronchitis.

First, I had not gotten seriously about my viral infection. I had not gotten any sickness for a year at least. But when I started coughing and at certain points, I could not breathe at all. Then I had decided to fight against this viral infection. This viral infection affected my breathing just like Coronavirus.

Who knows I might have gotten Coronavirus straight from US Military Biolab? Chinese Government says this Coronavirus infect ONLY Asians. Then It is quite safe for US military or US agency to release this Coronavirus to my family because I live in Northwest Alabama where almost there is no Asian population. The timing was exactly Coronavirus started spreading in China before Christmas

First, I researched about what is good to stop my cough. I saw several things I had already being doing such as having ginger and honey tea with lime. But it was not enough to stop my coughing. Enzyme of pineapple juice did not work either.

What I felt it worked was following:

Clove powder & Cinnamon power water

Clove: Cloves contain phenolic compounds such as eugenol and gallic acid, which are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in nature. Packed with medicinal properties, cloves not only relieve a sore throat but also alleviate pain caused due to persistent coughing. It also has essential oil, which acts as a natural expectorant, clearing the respiratory passage. 

Cinnamon: Cinnamon has immunity-boosting abilities and can protect you from various bacteria and viruses.

I put one small spoonful of clove and cinnamon into a glass and mixed with water. The taste was not too bad! I had 2~3 times day. This drink helped me to clear my bronchitis.


I had tried Kombucha and some other stuff, but what I felt effective was Yakulto.

Yakulto has own unique bacteria strain, and it worked better than Kombucha. If you are lucky, you can find it in Walmart at $2.50.

During this Pandemic, it is important to eat clean. Being Vegan is the best! Probably, refrain going to Chinese buffet and restaurant until the Pandemic is finished.

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