US Government CDC (Center of Disease Control) has the PATENT of the Coronavirus spreading China!

US Coronavirus Patent

Remember! Pirbright Institute (description above on the Coronavirus patent) has been created by Depopulation King, Bill Gates!

Now, US media belong to Illuminati (US Government is the headquarter of Illuminati) are covering up this truth!

The coronavirus plaguing China was not created by a US government agency

Facebook posts claim that the coronavirus spreading in China was created by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2015, offering a real patent as proof. This is false; the CDC did register a patent, but in an effort to combat a different strain than the one that caused the outbreak that started in the city of Wuhan.

So US Government did register a patent of Coronavirus, but different strain? This can convince you that US Government did not spread that virus in China even though US corporations have to leave China by this April and being forced to leave all the money and assets in China because of the US China trade war?

China and Russia have been convinced that the Coronavirus in China has been spread by US agents. I might be just a conspiracy theorist, but Russia has the strongest intelligence agency, KGB! You might not know but KGB is much better than CIA!

Russia suspects US Government is behind this Coronavirus Pandemic in China, and US Government is hoping the virus spread to Russia from China. As you know China and Russia are enemy countries to US Government, the headquarter of Reptilian Illuminati.

A large number of Russian domestic news outlets began suggesting the United States might be behind the outbreak.

“The Chinese believe the coronavirus is created by the Americans,” the popular Komsomolskaya Pravda reported, citing as proof that the virus was “genetically shaped in the American laboratories,” the claim that “all the infected are Asians!” and there are “no Europeans.”

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