Depopulation for Profit? Bill Gates funded the PIRBRIGHT institute, which owns the patent on coronavirus

Bill Gates in UN. Bill Gates = UN Depopulation agenda

(Natural News) Believe it or not, the coronavirus strain that’s currently spreading throughout China and abroad is a patented virus that’s owned by an entity called The Pirbright Institute, which is partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The patent page for coronavirus explains that it “may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject,” suggesting that this is just another weaponized viral strain designed to sell more useless, deadly vaccines, while at the same time killing off a few thousand, or perhaps a few million, people.

A close look at the patent page also shows that the Pirbright Institute owns all sorts of other virus patents, including one for African swine fever virus, which is listed as a “vaccine.” It is thus no surprise that Bill Gates is a Pirbright Institute financial backer, seeing as how he’s one of the most aggressive, vaccine-pushing “philanthropists” on the planet.

The way this whole coronavirus situation is taking shape would seem to be exactly what Gates once proposed as a “solution” to the alleged problem of “overpopulation.” At an infamous TED Talk, Gates explained that vaccines are one of the keys to reducing global population levels, and what better way to do that than to unleash patented coronavirus on the masses in order to later introduce a patented vaccine for it?

Bill and Melinda Gates hosted “Event 201” back in October, described as a “high-level pandemic exercise”

What’s further interesting is that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted a “high-level pandemic exercise” back in October that involved discussions about how “public / private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”

Held in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum, this latest endeavor by Bill Gates is highly suspicious, to say the least, especially when considering that it was held just in time for the coronavirus outbreak.

As is usually the case with suspicious disease outbreaks that get the media and academia talking about new vaccines and public-private partnerships, Bill Gates’ fingerprints are almost always hiding in the background. And this is exactly the case with coronaviruses, which could accomplish many of Gates’ expectations for the future, including mass depopulation, mass vaccination and mass consolidation of government power.

“These events are increasing, and they are disruptive to health, economies, and society,” reads an announcement about “Event 201,” as they called it, or the meeting with Gates and his cronies from back in October.

“Managing these events already strains global capacity, even absent a pandemic threat. Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of these pandemics becomes global – a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences. A severe pandemic, which becomes ‘Event 201,’ would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions.”

This reads like a predictive script for what we’re now seeing with coronavirus, as governments around the world scramble to “manage” this deadly outbreak with martial law, vaccine fast-tracking, quarantines and plenty of fear-mongering.

“If we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower [the global population] by perhaps about 10 to 15 percent,” Gates is infamously quoted as saying about the true intent of his “humanitarian” efforts.

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Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins University are involving killing Chinese by BIOWeapon, Coronavirus

Johns Hopkins University has created a fancy Coronavirus victims statistics website. I felt strange about it. But now I know the reason why Johns Hopkins University has created the FANCY stats site! Johns Hopkins is the one who has created and studied about Coronavirus Pandemic with Bill Gates in order to prepare and spread it in China. And now, they are tallying their victims by that FANCY stats site.

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    The Holy Face Novena will begin on Sunday, February 16th, and will be posted here for each day. The Feast of the Holy Face for 2020 will be on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – Tuesday, February 25th. “Do you see how I suffer? Yet, very few understand me. Those who say they love me […]

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    “A large part of the responsibility for a person’s spiritual state lies with the family. A child’s upbringing commences at the moment of its conception”

    In this post we present Saint Porphyrios’ valuable teachings on the upbringing of children.

    The sanctity of the parents is the best way of bringing up children in the Lord.

    “We must see God in the faces of our children and give God’s love to our children. The children should learn to pray. And in order for children to pray they must have in them the blood of praying parents. This is where some people make the mistake of saying, ‘Since the parents are devout and pray, meditate on Holy Scripture and bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, it is natural that they will become good children.’ But nevertheless we see the very opposite result on account of coercion.

    It is not sufficient for the parents to be devout. They mustn’t oppress the children to make them good by force. We may repel our children from Christ when we pursue the things of our religion with egotism. Children cannot endure coercion. Don’t compel them to come with you to church. You can say, ‘Whoever wants can come with me now or come later.’ Leave God to speak to their souls. The reason why the children of some devout parents become rebellious when they grow up and reject the Church and everything connected with it and go off to seek satisfaction elsewhere is because of this pressure which they feel from their ‘good’ parents. The so-called ‘devout’ parents, who were anxious to make good Christians of their children with their human love, pressurized their children and produced the opposite result. The children are pressurized when they are young, and when they reach the age of sixteen, seventeen or eighteen years old, they end up the opposite of what was intended. By way of reaction they start to mix with bad company and to use bad language.

    When children grow up in an atmosphere of freedom and at the same time are surrounded by the good example of grown-ups, they are a joy to see. The secret is to be good and saintly and to inspire and radiate. The life of the children seems to be affected by the radiation of their parents. If the parents insist, ‘Come on now, go and make confession, go and receive Communion’, and so on, nothing is achieved. But what does your child see in you? How do you live and what do you radiate? Does Christ radiate in you? That is what is transmitted to your child. This is where the secret lies. And if this is done when the child is young, it will not be necessary for it to undergo ‘great travail’ when it grows up. Solomon the Wise uses a beautiful image about exactly this subject, underlining the importance of a good start and good foundations: He who seeks her [Wisdom] early shall have no great travail; for he shall find her sitting at his doors. The person who ‘seeks her early’ is the person who occupies himself with Wisdom from an early age. Wisdom is Christ.

    When the parents are saintly and transmit this to the child and give the child an upbringing ‘in the Lord’, then the child, whatever the bad influences around it, will not be affected because by the door of its heart will be Wisdom — Christ Himself. The child will not undergo great travail to acquire Wisdom. It seems very difficult to become good, but in reality it is very easy when from an early age you start with good experiences. As you grow up effort is not required; you have goodness within you and you experience it. You don’t weary yourself; it is yours, a possession which you preserve, if you are careful, throughout your life.”

    With prayer and sanctity you can also help children at school

    “What is true for parents is also true for teachers. With prayer and sanctity you can also help children at school. The grace of God can overshadow them and make them good. Don’t attempt with human methods to correct bad situations. No good will come of this. Only with prayer will you produce results. Invoke the grace of God on all the children — for divine grace to enter their souls and transform them. That is what it means to be a Christian.

    You teachers transmit your anxiety to the children, without realizing it, and this affects them. With faith anxiety dissolves. What is it that we say? ‘We commit our whole life to Christ our God.’

    Respond to the love of the children with discernment. And once they love you, you will be able to lead them to Christ. You will become the means. Let your love be genuine. Don’t love them in a human way, as parents usually do. This does not help them. Love in prayer, love in Christ. This is truly beneficial. Pray for each child you see, and God will send His grace and will unite the child to Him. Before you enter the classroom, especially difficult classes, repeat the prayer, ‘Lord Jesus Christ…’. And as you enter, embrace all the children with your gaze, pray and then start your lesson, offering your whole self. By making this offering in Christ, you will be filled with joy. And in this way both you and the children will be sanctified. You will live in the love of Christ and of His Church, because you will become good during your work.

    If a pupil causes a problem, make a general observation first, such as:

    ‘Children, we’re all here for a lesson, for a serious business. I’m here to help you. You are working hard to succeed in life, and I, who love you all very much, am also working hard. So please be quiet so that we can achieve our aim.’

    And while you’re saying this don’t look at the pupil who’s misbehaving. If he continues, address yourself to him, not with anger, but with seriousness and resolution. You need to be watchful and to keep control of the class to be able to influence their souls. The children are not at fault if they cause problems. It is the grown-ups who are to blame.

    Don’t speak much about Christ and God to the children, but pray to God for the children.
    Words enter the ears, but prayer enters the heart. Listen to a secret. The first day you enter a class, don’t have a lesson. Speak to the children warmly and clearly and behave with love towards them. To begin with don’t speak to them at all about God or about the soul. This comes later. But on the day when you decide to speak to them about God, prepare yourself well and say:

    ‘There is a subject about which many people have great doubts. It is the subject ‘God’. What’s your opinion about this?’

    And then you will have a discussion. On another day you will broach the subject of the ‘soul’. Is there such a thing as the “soul”?’

    Then you can talk about evil from a philosophical point of view. Tell them that we have two selves, a good and a bad. We must cultivate the good self. It is the good self that desires progress, kindness and love. We need to wake up this good self in order to become right-minded people in society. Remember that hymn: ‘Oh soul, my soul, arise, why are you sleeping?’ Don’t tell them it like this, but with other words, for example: ‘Be bright and awake for good things — for education, for love. Only love makes all things beautiful and fills our life and gives it meaning. Our wicked self desires laziness and indifference. But that takes all flavour from life and takes away all meaning and beauty.’

    All these things, however, require preparation. Love demands sacrifices and very often sacrifice of time. Make sure you have mastery of your subject and are ready to give to the children. Be prepared and say everything with love and above all with joy. Show them all your love and know what you want and what you are saying. But how to behave towards children is an art. I heard a lovely story about this. Listen.

    There was a teacher who was being tormented by the behaviour of one of the boys and wanted to expel him from the school. In the meantime, however, a new teacher arrived and took over the class. The new teacher was told in advance about the problem pupil. He also heard that the boy in question was mad about bicycles. So, on the second day, when he entered the classroom he said:

    ‘Children, I’ve got a problem. I live far from the school and I want to get a bicycle so that I don’t tire my feet out every day walking here, but I don’t know how to ride one. Could any one of you teach me how to ride a bike?’

    The mischievous boy jumped up at once and said, ‘I’ll teach you, Sir.’

    ‘Do you know how to ride a bike?

    ‘Yes, Sir.’

    From that moment on they became best friends, to the point that the old teacher got upset when he saw them. He felt a sense of inadequacy that he had been unable to evoke respect from the boy.

    There are often orphan children at a school. It’s a hard thing to be an orphan. A child who’s deprived of its parents, especially at an early age, becomes unhappy in life. But if it acquires spiritual parents in Christ and our Holy Lady, it becomes a saint. Treat orphan children with love and understanding, but above all bring them into contact with Christ and the Church.”


    Teach the children to seek God’s help

    “The medicine and great secret for children’s progress is humility. Trust in God gives perfect security. God is everything. No one can say that I am everything. That cultivates egotism. God desires us to lead children to humility. Without humility neither we nor children will achieve anything. You need to be careful when you encourage children. You shouldn’t say to a child, ‘You’ll succeed, you’re great, you’re young, you’re fearless, you’re perfect!’ This is not good for the child. You can tell the child to pray, and say, ‘The talents you have, have been given to you by God, Pray and God will give you strength to cultivate them and in that way you will succeed. God will give you His grace.’ That is the best way. Children should learn to seek God’s help in everything.

    Praise is harmful to children. What does Scripture say? Oh my people, those who call you blessed lead you astray, and pervert the path of your feet. The person who praises us leads us astray and perverts the paths of our life. How wise God’s words are! Praise does not prepare children for any difficulties in life and they grow up badly adjusted; they lose their way and in the end they become failures. Now the world has gone haywire. Little children are constantly being praised. We are told not to scold children, not to go against their will and not to impose on them. The child learns to expect this, however, and is unable to deal maturely with even the slightest difficulty. As soon as it encounters opposition, it is defeated and drained of all strength.

    Prime responsibility for the failure of children in life lies with their parents and thereafter with their teachers. They praise them constantly. They fill them with egotistical words. They do not lead them to the spirit of God and they alienate them from the Church. When the children grow up a little and go to school with this egotism they abandon and disdain religion and they lose their respect for God, for their parents and for everyone. They become stubborn, hard and unfeeling, with no respect for religion or for God. We have produced a generation of egotists and not of Christians.”

    Children are not edified by constant praise

    “Children are not edified by constant praise. They become self-centred and vain. All their lives they will want everyone to be praising them constantly, even if they are being told lies. Unfortunately, nowadays all people have learned to tell lies and the conceited accept those lies as their daily sustenance. ‘Say it, even if it’s not true, even if it’s ironical,’ they say. God does not want this. God wants truth. Unfortunately, not all people understand this and they do the very opposite.

    When you praise children constantly and indiscriminately, they fall prey to the temptations of the evil one. He sets the mill of egotism in motion, and accustomed as they are to praise from their parents and teachers, they make progress at school perhaps, but what is the gain? In life they will be egotists and not Christians. Egotists can never be Christians. Egotists desire to be praised constantly by everyone, for everyone to love them and for everyone to speak well of them, and this is something that our God, our Church and our Christ do not want.

    An egotist is mixed-up and is led by the devil and the evil spirit. And so, growing up in the spirit of egotism, his first task is to deny God and to be a badly adjusted egotist in society.

    You must tell the truth for a person to learn it. Otherwise you sustain him in his ignorance. When you tell someone the truth, he finds his bearings, he takes care, he listens to other people and he restrains himself. And so to a child also you must tell the truth and scold it so that it knows that what it is doing is not good. What does Solomon say? He that spares the rod hates his son, but he that loves him chastens him diligently. I don’t mean, of course, for you to beat the child with a stick. Then we overstep the bounds and produce the opposite result. By praising our children from an early age we lead them to egotism. And you can hoodwink an egotist, provided you tell him how good he is and inflate his ego. And so he tells you, ‘This person who praises me is good.’ These things are not right. Because such a person grows up with egotism, confusions arise within him, he suffers and he doesn’t know what he is doing. The cause of psychological instability and disorder is egotism. This is something that psychiatrists themselves, if they explore the matter, will discover, namely, that the egotist is sick.

    We should never praise and flatter our fellow men, but rather lead them to humility and love of God. Nor should we seek to be loved by flattering others. Let us learn to love and not seek to be loved. Let us love everyone and make sacrifices, as great as we are able, for all our brothers and sisters in Christ, without expecting praise and love from them in return. They will do for us whatever God inspires them to. If they are Christians, they will give glory to God that we helped them or spoke a good word to them.

    This is also the way you should guide the children at school. This is the truth. Otherwise they grow up maladjusted. They don’t know what they are doing and where they are going, and we are the cause of it, on account of the way we have brought them up. We have not led them to truth, to humility and to the love of God. We have turned them into egotists and look at the result!

    There are also, however, children who come from humble parents who spoke to them from an early age about God and about holy humility. These children do not create problems to their fellow men. They do not get angry when you point out their error, but try to correct it and pray that God may help them not to become egotists.

    When I went to the Holy Mountain I lived with exceedingly saintly elders. They never said to me,’Well done.’ They always counselled me how to love God and how to be always humble, to invoke God to fortify my soul and to love Him greatly. I didn’t know what ‘well done was, nor did I ever desire it. On the contrary, I was distressed if my elders didn’t scold me. I said to myself, ‘Heavens above, I haven’t found myself good elders!’ I wanted them to correct me, to censure me and behave strictly towards me. If a Christian were to hear what I’m saying now, what would he say? He would be taken aback and reject it. But nevertheless that is what is right, humble and sincere.

    My parents never said ‘well done’ to me either. For that reason, whatever I did, I did selflessly. Now that I hear people singing my praises, I feel very bad. There’s something that kicks in protest when other people say to me,’well done’, The fact that I learned humility did me no harm. And why do I not want to be applauded now? Because I know that praise makes a person empty and expels the grace of God. The grace of God comes only with holy humility. A humble man is a perfect man. Is that not a fine thing? Is that not true?

    If you tell this to anyone they will immediately say, ‘What a piece of nonsense! If you don’t praise your child he won’t be able to do his schoolwork or anything.,.’ But that happens because that’s what we’re like, and we have made our children the same. In other words, we have strayed from the truth. Egotism evicted man from Paradise; it is a great evil. Adam and Eve were simple and humble; that’s why they lived in Paradise. They didn’t have egotism. They did, however, have the ‘primal nature’, as we call it in theological language. When we say ‘primal nature’ we mean the gifts of grace that God bestowed on man in the beginning when He created him, namely, life, immortality, consciousness, freedom of will, love, humility, etc. Through flattery, however, the devil managed to delude them. They became filled with egotism. The natural state of man as created by God, however, is humility. Egotism, on the contrary, is something unnatural, an illness and contrary to nature.

    When we, with our laudations, create this ‘superego’ in the child, we inflate its egotism and we do it great harm. We make the child more susceptible to demonic influence. And so, as we bring it up, we steadily distance it from the values of life. Don’t you believe that this is the reason why children go astray and people rebel? It is the egotism that their parents have implanted in them from an early age. The devil is the great egotist, the great Lucifer. In other words, we live with Lucifer inside us, with the devil. We don’t live with humility. Humility is from God; it is something essential for the human soul. It is something organic. And if it is missing, it is as if the heart were missing from the human organism. The heart gives life to the body and humility gives life to the soul. With egotism a person is given over to the part of the evil spirit, that is, he develops with the evil spirit and not with the good spirit.

    This is what the devil has succeeded in achieving. He has turned the earth into a labyrinth so that we are unable to come to an understanding with one another. What has happened to us without our realizing it? Do you see how we have been led astray? We have turned our world and our age into one large psychiatric hospital! And we don’t understand what’s gone wrong. We all ask, ‘What’s become of us, where are we going, why have our children taken off, why have they left their homes, why have they resigned from life, why have they given up their studies? Inside me Why is all this happening?’ The devil has succeeded in concealing himself and in making people use other names. Doctors and psychologists often say when someone is tormented, ‘Ah, this person has a neurosis or is suffering from anxiety.’ They don’t accept that the devil is inciting and arousing egotism in the person. But yet the devil exists and is the spirit of evil. If we say he doesn’t exist, it is as if we are rejecting the Gospel that speaks of him. He is our enemy, our adversary in life, the contrary of Christ, which is why he is called the Anti-Christ. Christ came to earth to release us from the devil and to grant us salvation.

    The conclusion is that we need to teach our children to live humbly and simply and not continually to seek praise and applause. We need to teach them that there is humility and that this is the healthy state of life.

    The mind-set of our contemporary society does harm to children. It is based on another psychology and another theory of education that is addressed to the children of atheists. This frame of mind leads to complete disregard for the consequences of one’s actions. And you see the results in our children and young people. Young people nowadays say, ‘You need to understand us!’ But we mustn’t go to them. On the contrary, we need to pray for them, to say what is right, to live by what is right, and proclaim what is right, and not conform ourselves to their way of thinking. We mustn’t compromise the magnificence of our faith. We cannot, in order to help them, adopt their own frame of mind. We need to remain the people that we are and proclaim the truth and the light.

    The children will learn from the Holy Fathers. The teaching of the Fathers will instruct our children about confession, about the passions, about evils and about how the saints conquered their evil selves. And we will pray that God will enter into them.”

    Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia; On the upbringing of children
    As Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia says: “It’s great to walk, to work, to move and to have your health. But first you should have your spiritual health. Your…
    Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia – The way of Love
    What is Paradise? Saint Porphyrios tells us: “It is Christ. Paradise begins here and now. It is exactly the same: those who experience Christ here on earth,…

    “If you invoke the Blessed Virgin when you are tempted, she will come at once to your help, and Satan will leave you.” – Saint John Vianney

    Amen please help me to rehab and visit private chapel of padre pio rochester ny family di francos open to public dear MAMA yours humle gratefull Suzana M Sweden

    De Tre Dagliga Bönerna som Kristus bett oss om
    O Herre Jesus Kristus, åt Ditt allra Heligaste Hjärta anförtror jag denna bön…
    (nämn här dina böneämne )

    Bara se på mig, och gör vad Ditt Hjärta önskar…

    Låt Ditt Heliga Hjärta bestämma. Jag räknar med Det, jag förtröstar på Det, ag kastar mig i Dess barmhärtighet. Herre Jesus!

    Du kommer inte att svika mig. Jesu Heliga Hjärta, jag litar på Dig. Jesu Heliga Hjärta, jag tror på Din kärlek till mig. Jesu Heliga Hjärta, må Ditt Rike komma.

    O Jesu Heliga Hjärta, jag har bett om många saker, menjag bönfaller Dig om denna önskan. Tag den och lägg den i Ditt Heliga Hjärta. När vår Evige Fader ser den täckt med Ditt Dyrbara Blod, kommer Han inte att förvägra Dig den. Det kommer då inte längre att vara min bön, utan Din,

    O Jesus. O Jesu Heliga Hjärta, jag förlitar mig helt på Dig. Låt mig aldrig fara vilse. Amen.”

    Påminn Dig, mildaste Jungfru Maria, att det aldrig någonsin blivit känt, att någon som tagit sin tillflykt till Dig sökt Din hjälp och anropat Dig om förbön har lämnats övergiven.
    Fylld av denna förtröstan, flyr jag till Dig O jungfrurnas Jungfru, min Moder! till Dig kommer jag, inför Dig står jag, med synd och sorg.

    O Moder till det Inkarnerade Ordet! ringakta inte mina böner, utan hör mig och svara mig i Din barmhärtighet. Amen.”

    ‘Helige Ärkeängel Mikael, försvara oss på stridens dag.
    Var vårt värn mot djävulens ondska och snaror.
    Må Gud kuva honom, ber vi ödmjukt.
    Och må Du, den himmelska härskarans furste, med Guds kraft kasta ner i helvetet, Satan och alla onda andar som stryker omkring i världen och söker själarnas undergång.
    Sant Liv i Gud den 18 januari 1990

    Herre Jesus Kristus, Guds Son, förbarma dig över oss.
    Herre Jesus Kristus, Guds Son, förbarma dig över oss.

    Jag säger dig att om någon ber denna Rosenkrans till Mig, kommer himmelen att öppnas för honom och Min Nåd skall rädda honom; slut fred med Mig, slut fred med Mig, be Mig varje dag;

    Herre Jesus Kristus, Guds Son, förbarma Dig över mig, syndare

    dotter, lär dina bröder den här bönen, lär dem att vara i ensamhet och tystnad när de ber den här Rosenkransen; smycka Min Kyrka, dotter kom, gå framåt i hjärtats renhet.

    Andra böner från Jesus

    Vigningsböner från Jungfru Maria till

    Jesus Heliga Hjärta och Marias Obefläckade Hjärta

    Jakobs stege. Den Välsignade Jungfru Maria uppenbarade sig 1830 i Paris för att vägleda Frankrike i en viktig tid. Den franska revolutionen bröt ut i Paris samma år. Folk stred mot varandra. Revolutionen skulle skilja befolkningen från Kyrkan.

    Maria visar sig som Förmedlaren mellan Gud och människan. Hon är porten till Himlen och kallar oss. Genom Hennes förböner välsignas hela mänskligheten. Genom vår förböner deltar vi och räddar andra. Rosenkransen leder oss hem.

    1830 är en parallell till Fatima och den ryska revolutionen 1917.

    Jungfru Maria i Fatima bad varje gång barnen: “Bed Rosenkransen varje dag för att vörda Vår Moder att det skall bli fred i världen ,,, för Hon ensam kan rädda den.”

    Jacinta berättade, strax innan hon gick bort, att Gud har lagt freden i Hennes händer. Det är från Hennes Obefläckade Hjärta som människorna måste be om fred. Hon är fredsvägen. Det är den sanna vägen Gud ger.

    Efter varje mysterium i Rosenkransen ber Vår Moder om bönen: “0 min Jesus, förlåt oss våra synder, bevara oss frän helvetets eld, led alla själar till Paradiset.”

    Genom varje Rosenkrans växer Marias styrka att krossa Ormens huvud och förstöra hans onda makt över världen. Det är vapnet mot det onda. Maria är här den nya Eva (1 Mos 3:15). Om alla bad så skulle världen blir frälst. Till sista skall Marias Obefläckade Hjärta segra.

    Bönens kraft är så stor att den kan stoppa krig och upphäva naturlagarna. Det är kedjan som nämns i Uppb. 20:1-2. Rosenkransen är också Jakobs stege (1Mos 28:12) som leder oss till Himlens port genom Maria som Förmedlaren.

    Den förenar oss med Gud, den heliga Treenigheten; Fadern, Sonen och den Helige Anden; och Rosenkransen omfattar genom de olika mysterierna hela Evangeliet. Den förenar oss med Jesu Heliga Hjärta och Marias Obefläckade Hjärta.

    “Be mycket och gör självuppoffringar för syndare för det är många själar som kommer till helvetet då det inte finns någon som gör uppoffringar för dem.”

    “Offra dig själv för syndare och säg ofta när du gör en uppoffring:

    O min Jesus det är för kärleken till Dig, för syndares omvändelse och för gottgörelsen för de kränkningar som begåtts mot Marias Obefläckade Hjärta”.

    Med hjälp av Rosenkransen fördjupar vi oss i de viktigaste händelserna i Jesu liv. Meditera inför varje mysterium.
    De glädjerika mysterierna
    (man ber dem måndagar och lördagar)

    1. Herrens bebådelse
    2. Marie besök hos Elisabet
    3. Jesu födelse
    4. Jesu frambärande i templet
    5. Jesu återfinnande i templet

    Ljusets mysterier (man ber dem på torsdagar)

    1. Jesu dop i Jordanfloden
    2. Bröllopet i Kana
    3. Jesu förkunnelse av Guds rike
    4. Kristi förklaring på berget Tabor
    5. Instiftelsen av eukaristin

    De smärtorika mysterierna
    (man ber dem på tisdagar och fredagar)

    1. Jesu dödsångest i Getsemane
    2. Jesus blir dömd och torterad
    3. Jesus blir krönt med törnen
    4. Jesus bär korset
    5. Jesus dör på korset

    De ärorika mysterierna
    (man ber dem på onsdagar och söndagar)

    1. Jesu uppståndelse från de döda
    2. Jesu himmelsfärd
    3. Den Helige Ande utgjuts över
    apostlarna, förenade med
    Maria i bön
    4. Marie upptagning i himmelen med
    kropp och själ
    5. Marie kröning i himmelen

    Rosenkransens historia
    St. Dominic – grundare av dominikanordern – spred den nuvarande formen av Rosenkransen. Han fick uppgiften av Jungfru Maria i en uppenbarelse 1207 i Prouille, Frankrike. Tidigare hade präster citerat hela Psaltaren.

    Uppenbarelsen sker i katarernas tid då falska läror förkunnas. Radbandet kommer av att man använde bärnsten som kulor. Rad betyder bärnsten. I Fatima upprepas Guds moder vädjan till oss om Rosenkransens räddande kraft.


    Olika former av den heliga Rosenkransen finns. En är enligt Sant Liv i Gud. Här finns en vägledning hur man ber och med andra böner som Gud gett. Innan man börjar så lägger man fram böneämnen för våra nära och människors omvändelse och frälsning, för präster och hela Kyrkans förnyelse. Att ena Påsken är fundamental. Hur ber man Jungfru Marias rosenkrans?

    Man börjar med att ta Rosenkransens krucifix, kyssa det, göra korstecknet med det och inleda med den apostoliska trosbekännelsen. Sedan ber man

    Fader vår,

    Hell dig Maria (tre gånger),

    Ära vare Fadern och Sonen och den Helige Ande, såsom det var av begynnelsen, nu är och skall vara från evighet till evighet. Amen.

    Bön till St. Mikael
    Helige Ärkeängeln Mikael,
    försvara oss i striden.
    Var vårt värn emot djävulens ondska och snaror.
    Må Gud kuva honom,
    ber vi ödmjukt.
    Och må Du den himmelska härskarans furste
    med Guds kraft,
    kasta ned i helvetet,
    Satan och alla andra onda andar,
    som stryker omkring i världen
    och söker själarnas undergång. Amen.

    Därefter inleds första dekaden med ett mysterium som man mediterar över i den muntliga bönen. Varje dekad inleds ett Fader vår och sedan tio:

    Hell dig Maria full av nåd. Herren är med Dig. Välsignad är Du bland kvinnor. Välsignad är Din livsfrukt Jesu. Heliga Maria Guds Moder bed för oss syndare nu och i vår dödsstund, amen. Dekaden slutar med Ära vare Fadern…

    0 min Jesus, förlåt oss våra synder, bevara oss frän helvetets eld, led alla själar till Paradiset

    Jesus, min enda kärlek,
    jag ber för dem som du älskar, men som inte vet hur de skall älska dig.
    Må de bli renade och helade, så att även de kan bli befriade från allt ont.



    Detta är bön som vi kan be överallt när vi sitter i bussen, spårvagnen, bilen eller när vi går på gatorna och möter människor och dem runt omkring. Det är inte möjligt att formulera en fullkomligare akt av kärlek med färre ord än:

    Den bön gav Jesu till Maria Consolata Berrone. Hon levde 1902 – 1946. Jesus säger till henne:

    “Dessa ord sammanfattar allt: kärlek till Mig, till Min Moder Maria och till själarna, som jag kommit för att rädda. Denna akt innesluter alla själar: själarna i Skrärselden, de oskyldiga, de lidande, syndarna, de döende och även din egen själ.”

    “Förlora inte tid för varje akt av kärlek betyder en själs frälsning!”

    “Ett ” JESUS, MARIA JAG ÄLSKAR ER. RÄDDA SJÄLAR” gottgör tusen hädelser.”

    “Jag begär inga heroiska gärningar från dig utan bara det du kan utföra dvs. denna akt av kärlek måste offras av hela ditt hjärta!”

    Rosenkransen Rädda Själarna

    Inled med att kyssa kruxifixet och gör korsteckent. Vi de ensamma kulorna (5 st) ber du Ängelns bön i Fatima:

    Min Gud, jag tror på Dig, jag tillber Dig , jag hoppas på Dig och jag älskar Dig.

    Jag ber Dig om förlåtelse för alla de gånger som vi inte ha trott på Dig, inte ha tillbett Dig, inte ha hoppats på Dig och inte ha älskat Dig.



    Evige Fader, Du sände Din enfödde Son Jesus Kristus för att vi skulle få liv i överfldö. Förbarma Dig över vår mänsklighet som oftast strävar efter motsatsen till det liv som Du vill ge. Rena oss med Jesu Dyrbara Blod och hela oss med Hans frälsningsbringande Sår. Se till Din Sons tillbedjansvärda Hjärta, som brinner av längtan att efter själarna frälsning. Se inte till våra synder utan till Din Kyrkas tro och skänk frälsningensgåva till många människor genom Kyrkans förmedling.

    Jesu Heliga Hjärta, förbarma Dig över oss och särskilt ber vi för dem som är döende. Jesus vi litar på Dig.

    Heliga Guds Moder, du överger aldrig dina barn. Därför ber vi Dig särskilt för dem som är i fara att förlora sin plats i Dins Sons Rike, vi litar på Dig.

    Heliga Josef, Du har med kärlek tagit Dig ann Jesus och har varit en far Honom som själv är Fader för alla. Vissa nu Din fadesrskärleks starkamakt för de själar som idag och denna natt ska stå inför den evige Domaren. Hjälp dem att saga ja till Honom i detta livet, så att de får delta i det Himmelska livet för evigt. Josef vi litar på dig. Amen.

    Helige Ärkeängeln Mikael, beskydda våra själar. Helige Petrus öppna för oss Himmelens Postar.

    Heliga Skyddsänglar, bed för vår och all människors frälsning.

    Gud gav ett budskap om en bön för oss den 14 dec 2009 som paras med två tecken. De kom fem månader senare. Det är en bön vi alla kan bedja!
    Kärleksrike Fader, låt inte Din vrede slå ner på detta släkte, så att de allesammans förgås;

    Låt inte Din hjord drabbas av ångest och nöd, ty vattnen kommer att torka ut och naturen vissna; allt kommer att gå under för Din vrede utan att lämna något spår efter sig; Din Andedräkts hetta kommer att antända jorden och förvandla den till en ödemark!

    En stjärna kommer att synas vid horisonten;

    Natten kommer att läggas öde och aska falla som snö om vintern,
    så att Ditt folk täcks som vålnader;

    Förbarma Dig över oss, Gud, och döm oss inte hårt; Kom ihåg de hjärtan som har sin glädje i Dig och Du i dem! Kom ihåg Dina trogna och låt inte Din Hand falla över oss med kraft, utan lyft upp oss i Din Barmhärtighet, och lägg Dina stadgar i varje hjärta.


    Den 12 februari 2020, onsdag

    Gud, kom till min räddning.
    Herre, skynda till min hjälp.
    Ära vare Fadern och Sonen och den helige Ande,
    nu och alltid och i evigheters evighet. Amen. (Halleluja)


    Vi tackar dig, o Herre Krist,
    som är vår Frälserman förvisst.
    Du för oss alla omsorg bär
    med dina helga änglars här.

    Vi lägger oss till vila ned.
    Åt själen ro och frid bered,
    bliv när oss, Herre, var oss huld,
    förlåt oss all vår synd och skuld.

    Bevara oss till kropp och själ,
    och hjälp oss till vårt sanna väl:
    dig hålla kär i lust och nöd,
    dig höra till i liv och död.

    Högtlovat vare Herrens namn,
    vårt fasta värn, vår trygga hamn.
    Dig, heliga Treenighet,
    ske pris och lov i evighet. Amen.

    eller: När dagen vänder sig… ⇓⇑
    eller: O Kriste, du som ljuset… ⇓⇑
    eller: Ännu en dag… ⇓⇑
    eller: Så går en dag… ⇓⇑
    eller: Av goda makter… ⇓⇑
    eller: Odödlig, helig och stark… ⇓⇑
    eller: Nu sjunker bullret… ⇓⇑

    Ant. 1 Var min beskyddare och min borg.

    Psalm 31:2-6
    En plågad människas bön
    Fader, i dina händer lämnar jag min ande (Luk 23:46)

    Till dig, Herre, tar jag min tillflykt, +
    låt mig aldrig komma på skam, *
    befria mig i din rättfärdighet.
    Vänd ditt öra till mig, skynda att rädda mig, *
    var mig en fast klippa,
    en borg som blir min räddning.

    Ty du är mitt bergfäste och min borg, *
    och du skall, för ditt namns skull, leda och föra mig.
    Du skall dra mig ur det nät som de lade ut för mig, *
    ty du är mitt värn.

    I din hand befaller jag min ande, *
    du befriar mig, Herre, du trofaste Gud.
    Ära vare Fadern och Sonen och den helige Ande, *
    nu och alltid och i evigheters evighet. Amen.

    Ant. 1 Var min beskyddare och min borg.

    Ant. 2 Ur djupen ropar jag till dig. Herre, hör min röst..

    Psalm 130
    Ur djupen ropar jag till dig
    Han skall frälsa sitt folk från deras synder (Matt 1:21)

    Ur djupen ropar jag till dig, Herre.
    Herre, hör min röst, *
    låt dina öron akta på mina böner.
    Om du, Herre, vill tillräkna synd, *
    Herre, vem kan då bestå?

    Dock, hos dig finns förlåtelse, *
    för att man må frukta dig.
    Jag väntar efter Herren, min själ väntar, *
    och jag hoppas på hans ord.

    Min själ väntar efter Herren
    mer än väktarna efter morgonen, *
    ja, mer än väktarna efter morgonen.
    Hoppas på Herren, Israel, +
    ty hos Herren finns nåd, *
    väldig är den frälsning som finns hos honom.

    Han skall frälsa Israel *
    från alla deras synder.
    Ära vare Fadern och Sonen och den helige Ande, *
    nu och alltid och i evigheters evighet. Amen.

    Ant. 2 Ur djupen ropar jag till dig. Herre, hör min röst..

    Kort läsning
    Ef 4:26b-27

    Synda inte. Låt inte solen gå ner över er vrede. Ge inte djävulen något tillfälle.


    I dina händer, Herre Gud, befaller jag nu min ande.
    Du förlossar mig, o Herre, du trofaste Gud.
    I dina händer, Herre Gud, befaller jag nu min ande.
    Ära vare Fadern och Sonen och den helige Ande.
    I dina händer, Herre Gud, befaller jag nu min ande.

    Ant. Jag är med dig och vill frälsa dig, och jag vill hjälpa dig, säger Herren.
    Skydda oss, o Herre, medan vi vakar, bevara oss då vi sover, så att vi vakar med Kristus och kan vila i trygghet.

    Nunc dimittis
    Luk 2:29-32

    Herre, nu låter du din tjänare gå hem, *
    i frid, som du har lovat.
    Ty mina ögon har skådat frälsningen *
    som du har berett åt alla folk,

    ett ljus med uppenbarelse åt hedningarna *
    och härlighet åt ditt folk Israel.
    Ära vare Fadern och Sonen och den helige Ande, *
    nu och alltid och i evigheters evighet. Amen.

    Ant. Jag är med dig och vill frälsa dig, och jag vill hjälpa dig, säger Herren.
    Skydda oss, o Herre, medan vi vakar, bevara oss då vi sover, så att vi vakar med Kristus och kan vila i trygghet.

    Herre Jesus Kristus, du vill att vi bär ditt ljuva ok och din lätta börda. Välsigna den gångna dagens bön och arbete, och ge oss en natt under ditt beskydd, så att vi morgon kan tjäna dig med nya krafter. Du som lever och råder i evighet.

    En stilla natt och en salig hädanfärd förläne oss av nåd den Allsmäktige.
    Gud give oss i natt sin frid och sin nåd när morgonen gryr.


    Salve Regina, mater misericordiae,
    vita, dulcedo et spes nostra, salve.
    Ad te clamamus, exsules, filii Evae.
    Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes
    in hac lacrimarum valle.
    Eia ergo, Advocata nostra,
    illos tuos misericordes oculos
    ad nos converte.
    Et Iesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui,
    nobis post hoc exsilium ostende.
    O clemens, o pia,
    o dulcis Virgo Maria.

    eller: (översättning) Himlarnas drottning… ⇓⇑
    eller: Sub tuum praesidium… ⇓⇑
    eller: (översättning) Vår tillflykt… ⇓⇑
    eller: Ave, stella matutina… ⇓⇑
    eller: (översättning) Var hälsad, morgonstjärna… ⇓⇑
    eller: Mundi Domina… ⇓⇑
    eller: (översättning) Världens härskarinna… ⇓⇑
    atholic priests recite this blessing near the end of a wedding Mass. It provides a profound daily meditation.
    Marriage can be a beautiful experience, but it is something that needs to be constantly tended to and nurtured. A married couple should grow in their love of each other over the years and constantly think of new ways to serve each other.
    However, this is not always at the forefront of our minds, as children and work tend to get in the way. One way to keep your marriage as a top priority is to mediate on the Nuptial Blessing that Catholic priests pray over a newly married couple.

    The blessing is a perfect daily meditation, reminding married couples of the graces they receive through the sacrament of matrimony as well as the virtues they should strive to attain in their lives.

    Here is an excerpt from this prayer, which can be read in full through this link.

    May the grace of love and peace
    abide in your daughter N.,
    and let her always follow the example of those holy women
    whose praises are sung in the Scriptures.

    May her husband entrust his heart to her,
    so that, acknowledging her as his equal
    and his joint heir to the life of grace,
    he may show her due honor
    and cherish her always
    with the love that Christ has for his Church.

    And now, Lord, we implore you:
    may these your servants
    hold fast to the faith and keep your commandments;
    made one in the flesh,
    may they be blameless in all they do;
    and with the strength that comes from the Gospel,
    may they bear true witness to Christ before all;

    (may they be blessed with children,
    and prove themselves virtuous parents,
    who live to see their children’s children).

    05. NKG – Svagdan


    R. Bože, u pomoć mi priteci.
    O. Gospodine, pohiti da mi pomogneš.

    Slava Ocu i Sinu i Duhu Svetomu.
    Kako bijaše na početku, tako i sada i vazda i u vijeke vjekova. Amen.

    Kod zajedničkog ali i pojedinačnog moljenja može se obaviti pokajnički čin jednim od slijedećih obrazaca:

    Ispovijedam se Bogu svemogućemu i vama, braćo, da sagriješih vrlo mnogo mišlju, riječju, djelom i propustom: moj grijeh, moj grijeh, moj preveliki grijeh.
    Zato molim blaženu Mariju vazda Djevicu, sve anđele i svete, i vas, braćo,
    da se molite za me Gospodinu, Bogu našemu.


    Smiluj nam se Gospodine
    O. Jer smo sagriješili tebi.
    Pokaži nam, Gospodine, milosrđe svoje
    O. I spasenje svoje daj nam.

    Smilovao nam se svemogući Bog, otpustio nam grijehe naše i priveo nas u život vječni.
    O. Amen


    Već mrak se hvata, gine dan,
    O Stvoritelju, čuj nam glas,
    Po beskrajnoj ti blagosti
    Iznad nas bdij i štiti nas.

    Neka srca naša miruju
    I tebe kroz noć sanjaju,
    Neka slavu tvoju vječitu
    Do zore, tiha, pjevaju.

    Za život čestit molimo,
    Obnovi našu gorljivost.
    Neka tvoja svjetlost obasja
    Zle sjene što ih tama tka.

    Podijeli, Oče milostiv
    Po Kristu našem Isusu
    U vijeke koji sa Tobom
    I Duhom vlada Presvetim. Amen


    O Kriste, sjajna svjetlosti,
    Ti zlo i tminu razgoniš.
    Od Svjetla Svjetlo blaženo,
    Ti radost budi vjernima.

    Sad primi našu molitvu:
    I ove noći čuvaj nas,
    Udijeli mir nam spokojan
    Da slatki san sad usnimo.

    Dok tako snili budemo,
    Neka srce za Te bdije nam,
    A svojom vjernom desnicom
    Zakrili svoje vjernike.

    Ti štite naš i obrano,
    Obuzdaj ljude zasjedne
    I staze naše upravljaj
    K nebeskim divnim dverima.

    Sva slava Ocu višnjemu,
    I Tebi Kriste, Spasu naš,
    Sa Duhom, našom utjehom,
    I sad i vječnost čitavu. Amen.

    1^ Antifona
    Bože, budi mi hrid zaštite
    i tvrđava spasenja.

    PSALAM 31 (30), 1-6. Molitva u nevolji i zahvala za uslišanje
    Oče, u ruke tvoje predajem duh svoj (Lk 23,46).

    Tebi se, Gospodine, utječem,
    o, da se ne postidim nikada: *
    u svojoj me pravdi izbavi!
    Prikloni k meni uho svoje, *
    pohiti da me oslobodiš!

    Budi mi hrid zaštite, *
    tvrđava spasenja.
    Jer ti si hrid moja, tvrđava moja, *
    radi svoga imena vodi me i ravnaj.

    Izvuci me iz mreže koju mi zapeše, *
    jer ti si moje utočište.
    U tvoje ruke duh svoj predajem: *
    otkupi me, Gospodine, Bože vjerni.
    Slava Ocu. Kako bijaše.

    1^ Antifona
    Bože, budi mi hrid zaštite
    i tvrđava spasenja.

    2^ Antifona
    Iz dubine, Gospodine, vapijem tebi.

    PSALAM 130 (129). Pouzdanje u Boga
    On će spasiti narod svoj od grijeha njegovih (Mt 1, 21)

    Iz dubine, Gospodine, vapijem tebi: *
    Gospodine, čuj glas moj!
    Neka pazi uho tvoje *
    na glas moga vapaja!
    Ako se, Gospodine, grijehâ budeš spominjao, *
    Gospodine, tko će opstati?
    Ali u tebe je praštanje, *
    da bismo ti služili.

    U Gospodina ja se uzdam, *
    duša se moja u njegovu uzda riječ.
    Duša moja čeka Gospodina *
    više no zoru straža noćna;
    više no zoru straža noćna *
    neka Izrael čeka Gospodina.

    Jer je u Jahve milosrđe *
    i obilno je u njega otkupljenje;
    on će otkupiti Izraela *
    od svih grijeha njegovih.
    Slava Ocu. Kako bijaše.

    2^ Antifona
    Iz dubine, Gospodine, vapijem tebi.

    Kratko čitanje Ef 4,26-27.31-32
    Srdite se, ali ne griješite! Sunce nek ne zađe nad vašom srdžbom i ne dajte mjesta đavlu. Daleko od vas svaka gorčina, i srdžba, i gnjev, i vika, i hula sa svom opakošću!

    R. U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, * predajem duh svoj.
    U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, predajem duh svoj.
    O. Otkupio si nas, Gospodine, Bože vjerni. Slava Ocu.
    U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, predajem duh svoj.

    Brani nas, Gospodine,
    dok bdijemo, čuvaj nas dok spavamo,
    da bdijemo s Kristom
    i počivamo u miru.

    Krist svjetlost naroda i slava Izraelova

    Sad otpuštaš slugu svoga, Gospodaru, *
    po riječi svojoj u miru.
    Ta vidješe oči moje, *
    spasenje tvoje,
    koje si pripravio *
    pred licem sviju naroda.
    Svjetlost na prosvjetljenje naroda, *
    i slavu puka svoga izraelskoga.
    Slava Ocu. Kako bijaše.

    Brani nas, Gospodine,
    dok bdijemo, čuvaj nas dok spavamo,
    da bdijemo s Kristom
    i počivamo u miru.

    Gospodine Isuse Kriste, ti si blag i krotak te daješ slatki jaram i lako breme onima koji idu za tobom. Primi, molimo te, naše današnje naume i naš rad i udijeli nam počinak koji će nam pomoći da ti još spremnije služimo. Po Kristu

    Nato se reče:
    O. Mirnu noć i sretan svršetak udijelio nam svemogući Gospodin.
    O. Amen


    Slavna Majko Spasitelja,
    Rajska dveri milostivna,
    Koja vjerne vodiš k sreći,
    Iznad mora zvijezdo divna!

    O pomozi palom svijetu,
    Koji želi ozdravljenje,
    Ti, što rodi Stvorca svoga
    Prirodi na udivljenje.

    Čuvši pozdrav Gabriela
    Donese nam život svima,
    Djevom zače, Djevom osta:
    Smiluj nam se grešnicima.

    Rajska kruno, rajska slavo,
    Anđeoska Gospo, zdravo.
    Ti si korijen, ti si vrata,
    S kojih sinu svjetlost zlata.

    Ti si ljiljan djevičanstva,
    Ti si nakit čovječanstva.
    Zdravo, puno svih milina,
    Moli za nas svoga Sina.

    Zdravo Kraljice, majko milosrdna,
    Živote, slasti i ufanje naše, zdravo.
    K tebi vapijemo prognani sinovi Evini.
    K tebi uzdišemo tugujući i plačući
    u ovoj suznoj dolini.

    Svrni, dakle, zagovornice naša,
    one svoje milostive oči na nas
    te nam poslije ovoga progona
    pokaži Isusa, blagoslovljeni plod utrobe svoje,
    O blaga, o mila, o slatka djevice Marijo!

    Pod obranu se tvoju utječemo, sveta Bogorodice,
    ne odbij nam molbe u potrebama našim,
    nego nas od svih pogibli uvijek oslobodi,
    Djevice slavna i blagoslovljena,
    Gospođo naša, posrednice naša,
    zagovornice naša!
    Sa svojim nas Sinom pomiri,
    svojemu nas Sinu preporuči,
    svojemu nas Sin izruči! Amen.


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