Chinese Government is covering up the number of Coronavirus victims

According to Chinese insiders, the most of infected people are dying at home. Those dead people at home died accute virus infection with pneumonia are NOT counted by Chinese Government as the victims of Bioweapon, Coronavirus.

Therefore, you can never know the number of the victims of Coronavirus. It might be much higher than the number of the statistics.

Another condition in China is that people who suspect they might have Coronavirus are prohibited to go to a hospital nor clinic. So basically, people have to stay at home until they die. When they die, then finally, Government comes to their houses to get those dead bodies.

In China, the number of sudden deaths are increasing. All those sudden deaths are not counted as Coronavirus victims.

There is a suspicion that some other diseases (probably more bioweapons from US) are occurring in China, killing innocent people.

The information source is the following video.

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