Since last June, US Government has been prepared for Coronavirus Pandemic!

Translation to English of the image above in Japanese:

US Government has prepared for this Pandemic since last June.

US has prepared and manufactured medical materials and equipments against Pandemic 6 times more than usual.

So US Government has known this Pandemic is coming since at least last June.

I suspected CDC in US did spread Coronavirus in China, I gave you the reasons in previous articles. If you have not read them yet, please read them first.

Corona Virus in China might be created by CDC (Center of Disease Control, US Government)

But now, I got more information about the suspicious movements of US Government & United Nations.

US Military has started disinfection on all US Military bases on all over the world including US Military bases in Asia just before the Pandemic of Coronavirus.

The next information is the key!

Last December, the most of US Citizens have been evacuated from China and gone back to US.

All US industries and companies will stop their operations in China this April. (This plan has been decided long ago.)

And I’ve found the real reason for US Government to attack China by Coronavirus.

All the Chinese currencies including Renminbi and Hong Kong dollars cannot exchange to US dollars.

That means Chinese Government is prohibiting to exchange own currencies to US currency because China is afraid of big portion of money moves from China to US. That can piss off US Government and US companies.

Reptilians who control US Government, corporations and US military have tendency to destroy the places where they are kicked out. Actually, they want to destroy the whole Earth because they know they are going to be kicked out from the Earth by Galactic Federation of Light. That time is ticking. Their End time is near.

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