Scary! How Coronavirus infect people

Media is saying Coronavirus spread just like flu, but that is completely wrong!

Wearing a mask is completely useless! If the virus like mist can enter your body from eyes, open wounds and even from athlete foot.

The incubation period is about 3~4 weeks, but it is highly possible to spread the virus during the incubation period. During incubation period, you do not have any symptoms.

First, you notice you have red dots on your skin especially around neck, armpit and female organs. The center of the red dots, there are hard black dots.

CDC/UN agents implanted this Coronavirus on dogs?

Chinese Government knew the virus had been spreading in last December. Chinese Government has ordered to kill all dogs in Beijing. If people do not follow the order within 2 weeks, the Government will come to kill all the dogs.

That means Chinese Government knew that Coronavirus is spreading from dogs including pets in Beijing.

So it looks like Coronavirus has been not only in Wuhan, but also some other big cities such as in Beijing in last December.

I know how those evil Reptilian agents spread viruses. They usually spread mist with viruses. They can do that by spraying Chemtrails, too.

Now is the time we need a good protection from Galactic Federation of Light. Raise our vibration, and avoid eating animal products. Being a Vegan, you can protect yourself from Bioweapons such as Coronavirus.

And do not go to restaurants such as Chinese Buffets because not only Chinese people are working, but also many people touch the handles of servers that can spread viruses and bacteria.

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