Video: WE SWAM in boiling hot TAAL VOLCANO before ERUPTION!

The handsome boy turned out a Reptilian Shapeshifter!

He has Reptilian Eye Slit (red line), greenish skin discoloration (yellow arrows) and hand shapeshift (blue arrow).

Again, Reptilian Eye Slit (red line) and hand shapeshift (yellow circle)

Girl’s Reptilian Eye Slit & Reptilians’ Human Hologram technology, Liquid Crystal technology appeared (inside yellow circles)

When their human holograms have some problems, they know what to do. They start touching the area affected. That can fix some human hologram problems.

This was filmed just one week before the volcano eruption. It looked like there were steam coming out from many places even from the middle of the hill.

Everywhere was bubbling and boiling in the caldera lake.

Even sand was bubbling.

That girl was swimming in that Taal Volcano Caldera lake!

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