The Event 2020, Mass Global Meditation Triggers Major 5d Timeline Shift!

Recent days, I feel a half dementia that It takes long time to cook and doing house chores I’ve been doing for decades. Right now I have stomachache in solar plexus. I have this pain time to time since 2011. I feel bloated and gassy. I burp a lot. I guess my body feels the pressure from Galactic Shock Waves. I try to eat smaller amount.

Since last month, things have not be going smoothly. I had quite frustration. This morning, I had to use plunger to unclog my son’s poop for 20 minutes, but I could not succeed. I asked my son to continue using plunger. He had to keep doing it for another 30 minutes. That poop was there since last night. I put lots of vinegar and baking soda to soften up for many hours. I could not imagine we had to keep using plunger for 50 minutes! It was obvious that I could not get help from any angels or Galactic Federation of Light. They might be busy in somewhere else.

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