Reptilians report Sydney storm damage

Just after the storm, there was the malfunction of Reptilians’ human holograms to disguise as humans because the most of the facilities and antennas broadcasting human holograms were partially destroyed.

Is this a Reptilian tongue?

This is Reptilian California Governor, Gavin Newsom’s SNAKE TONGUE.

Now, we can see her Reptilian claws (red arrows below).

Reptilian Eye Slits

This is the Reptilian Eye Slits of Hugh Hefner, the deceased owner of Playboy Magazine.

Reptilian’s Mercedes-Benz was destroyed.

@6:40, “flag the scenario that ABA (Australian Banking Association) might step on buying the large assets like coal mines and power stations”

This indicate banking industries are tied to Reptilian core industries. All mines and quarries are the construction sites and main entrances to Reptilian Secret Underground Cites/Bases. All the energy industries are core industry of Reptilian entities.

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