Critical Earth Alliance Update 1 12 2020, A Special Pleiadian Message

This year, I can feel Victory For the Light! In this year, I had heard ONLY 5 shots (shooting noise). Usually, in the New Year’s Day, those Reptilian/hybrids have tendency to shoot their guns and rifles many times (Of course, they are aiming at me.).

The last shot I heard this year was shot by Game Warden living in my neighborhood. After that, he had gone for several days. I don’t know what happened to him, but something happened to him. Since then, he has never shot me again.

Since I had moved to the KKK dominant area near Rattlesnake Saloon, Reptilians/hybrids tried to shoot thousands of times. Then one guy across the creek got stroke. The wife (a trained clay shooter) of next door disappeared (died?). Several houses had been burnt down (We have only a hundred houses around Highway 247).

In this year, those Reptilians/hybrids feel the word “karma” and its effect. Whenever they shot me, I screamed at them “Karma is coming to you!”. Now they know that means!

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