Japanese Woman? yanked Pope’s hand, and Pope slapped her hand

That Japanese? woman had been waiting for a long time and expecting she could hold Pope’s hand and being blessed by him.

Just before he reached her position, she prayed and crossed herself as a Christian. Then she was ready to touch Pope’s hand and being blessed by him.

But when he reached in front of her, Pope suddenly walked away from her and the rest of the crowd.

She said “Matte Kudasai” that means in Japanese “Please wait!”. The rest of what she said was not understandable.

Of course, it was not good to pull Pope’s hand and force him to give bless to her, but if you imagine that she came from Japan far away from Rome just to be blessed by Pope because she might have some troubles and wanted to break free from those troubles by being blessed by him. She did not look happy, and she looked to have some troubles in her life.

Then I feel sorry about what she got from Pope Francis. She must have been very disappointed, and of course, embarrassed.

But Pope himself had very busy schedule, and of course, he could not touch everybody’s hand and give him/her blessing. He was really tired and suddenly his hand was yanked by an unhappy Asian woman talking unknown language. Of course, he might have become angry.

But Pope apologized for slapping that woman’s hand. When we are really tired with busy schedule, we have tendency to become really impatient. Pope should know that some visitors might be really desperate to see him in order to get help from him because of their life problems.

Probably, it is good idea that either Pope blesses every each one in the square as equal treatment. Or Pope just smiles and waves his hand to each visitor. Then he walks away without touching anybody so that people do not need to be disappointed.

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