Alien Undersea Base has been destroyed! Puerto Rico: M 6.4 and series of Quakes

The last 7 days of Quake Activities around Puerto Rico

Iconic tourist spot was also destroyed.

Typical 10km depth Quakes of Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground/Undersea bases led by Galactic Federation of Light.

There are more quakes with various depths, but all quakes are shallow quakes.

Shallow Quakes = Galactic Federation of Light Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground/Undersea bases

I bet a huge Reptilian Secret Underground/Undersea Compound has been destroyed.

First there are the large rectangular-shaped structure and the road-like or tunnel-like structures that connects it with the continental shelf south of the city of Ponce.

Secondly, there is a large quadrangular-shaped complex of structures formed by other five rectangular-shaped structures, and right in the middle, between the islands and the anomalies is a deep undersea canyon known to locals as the ‘South Depth’.

Below: visual enlargements of the anomalous structures

Image below: A cropped section of the image submitted to the Photoshop digital filter shows more clearly the ‘entrance’ and the roads-like or tunnels-like structures.

The images show a vast undersea-underground set of structures that is almost the same size of the main island of Puerto Rico (105 miles wide and 40 miles large), a tremendous amount of territory!. Another thing to consider is that the depth at which these structures are is one of thousands of feet underwater, and they are subjected to a very strong pressure in dark abyssal depths. 

A Secret US base, Prediluvian Buildings or a Hidden Extraterrestrial Base?

Now, who built them down there, and who may be using them?
It could be speculated that form the structures are part of a secret base of the United States Navy, which until recently held the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba, in east of the island.

At official level, the US Navy alleges they closed that base in year 2000, but who can assure us that that agency did not build gigantic secret facilities and stayed, in hiding, in our territory, but in deep sea? 

Some might argue this, but the huge dimensions of the structures, and the depth of several thousand feet at which they are make it difficult for it to be human beings who inhabit and work in them, as they could not build this type of huge complex structures at such depths, for this would require some sort of superior technology that we humans do not have at this moment. The depth of approximately 15,928 feet is one in which it is difficult for humans to live and work at. 

Another possibility is that the vast complex of underground / underwater structures located in the south-east of Puerto Rico is extremely old and was built prior to modern humans living in this area. 

When those huge complex of secret undersea bases were destroyed, of course, we could get huge explosive quakes!

This is M 6.4 quake Moment Tensor. What I understand is blue parts rose and white part sunk. I guess huge undersea bases and the section of seabed were collapsed and sunk into bottom of the sea.

Can you imagine how many US Navy Reptilians/hybrids were killed by the attacks from Galactic Federation of Light?

If the undersea base complex was so huge, there might have been thousands of those Reptilians/hybrids living and working right there.

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