Reptilians appeared on NBC Nightly News January 4th, 2020

Is this familiar salute? Yes, they are doing “Heil Hitler!” All militants all over the world are trained by NAZI.

Reptilian Iranian protesters.

Reptilian Senator, Debbie Stabenow change her eye color from green to brown during TV appearance.

Her eye color is green.

Now, her eye color is brown!

After she did one blink, her eye color went back to green, again!

Reptilian Anti-War activist

City of Stockton, California has started handing $500 per month to random chosen 125 families. But are they really random chosen families???

I bet this is the new kind of cash handout to Reptilians.

The Reptilian Woman the image below is getting that extra cash $500 from City of Stockton. She has fixed income of $1500 per month. Not too bad! There should be many poorer people than she is in Stockton!

Image result for snake eyes

Human hologram failure!

She purchased a box of soda with that $500 extra money from the city. How wise she is!

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