M4.0 Quake right in front of Secret Undersea Tunnel of Naval Air Station Point Mugu

This was really shallow quake. 0.1km depth means 100 meters below the surface of water.

The location of this quake is very interesting! The epicenter is almost in front of the Secret Undersea Tunnel.


This huge Secret Undersea Tunnel is located near NAS Point Mugu (Naval Air Station Point Mugu). I am sure there is also entrance toward the undersea passage from this military base.

This tunnel leads to inland passages toward Walker Lake in Hawthorne, Nevada. Some witnesses said they saw submarine came up to the surface of Walker Lake.

There are more entrances to those inland water passages. Well known one is the secret undersea tunnel in Monterey, California.

Well known Secret Undersea Passages

California has giant Sierra Nevada mountains. That’s why you feel the underground of California is solid. But actually, underground of California is just like sponges with many holes (=water passages and caves).

This is the information I could get around 2012. One day, a submarine suddenly disappeared inside the Inland Water Passage. The wife of the captain believes that the whole submarine with crews was taken captive by some entity, and all of them should still alive somewhere else.

Agarthan might have taken them because those US Navy crews were doing some dangerous things to the Earth.

Reptilians who control all US Military want to destroy the Earth before they are taken to the prison planet by Galactic Federation of Light.

I cannot find now, but it was old 007 James Bond movie suggesting they want to cause a big California Earthquake by injecting water through San Andreas Fault.

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