Australia: Karmic Fire Nobody can extinguish

Australia fires: Thousands flee to beach to escape

This bloody red color in the sky represents the bloodbath of aborigines when they were slaughtered by invaders.

I have a question for you. Do you like this story ending?

One day in Australia, suddenly invaders with cowboy hat came to your house. They raped and killed all your family members including many children. Those invaders stole everything and stayed there happily ever after.

Or do you like this ending better?

100 years later, God troopers came and burnt those invaders and their properties to ash. Cosmic justice has been now served.

They are still keep killing those aborigines.

When Julian Lennon, the son of John Lennon went to Australia, many aborigines were waiting for him in his hotel. He was surprised not by them, but by the white feather they had. Before his father was killed, he told him “If something happen to me, I will manifest myself to you as a white feather.”

Those aborigines told Julian Lennon “Government is still killing us and stealing our land. Julian! You have the voice. Please protect us.” Since then, he is the one to protect and voice for those aborigines.

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