Karmic Storm: Alabama: Extensive Damage from Tornadoes right on Reptilian areas


I knew the storm yesterday was coming with vengeance. Reptilians knew this storm might damage their properties. They made a lot of noise with siren during this storm.

I was NOT worry about it because I knew this storm is the mothership of Galactic Federation of Light.

Yesterday, I complain a lot to this thundering mothership about my situation living in the neighborhood of predatory shooters. They do many kinds of operation not only shooting but also really really strange operations to annoy me almost everyday. Their operation makes me crazy.

I know Galactic Federation of Light assigned me to be their target so that we could prove their weapons such as guns and rifles were useless.

But who can endure being their target for 3 years??? I’m running out of my patience. Even Galactic Federation of Light is protecting me so that NO bullet can penetrate me, but I feel their aggression so much. Even I just see them, I can see their dark murky devilish energy. Those dark energy makes me feel sick. I try to stick to everyday routine to take care of my family as a single mother. But recently, their operations are getting intensified and nastier as End is near.

Those Hydra Reptilians living around my neighborhood should realize what they are doing is coming back to them as a boomerang karma.

Colbert Heights Mountain in Tuscumbia is not far from our house. Those shooters are coming from this area, too. They have gotten a boomerang karma. Do they think guns and rifles are effective to kill Light workers??? They do not have enough brain to understand their weapons are useless. The more they shoot, the more karma they get!

Colbert Heights on Google Map


Goat Point, Fuller Hollow and Beech Spring Hollow with green letters (red circles above) are all Reptilian Secret Underground City/Base addresses. They are NOT parks. Please notice many of their addresses have the name “Hollow”.


Nearby Colbert Heights, there are also Devils Gap, Tuscumbia Valley and Henderson Point with green letters (red circles above). They are all Reptilian underground addresses.

The main entrances & construction sites of their city/base are Vulcan Quarry (red arrow below) along highway 72.


I live right on 450 Fawn Lake Bridge Rd. I’ve found there is untreated sewage (smelly greenish sewage) coming out from underground at red dot area where there is NO house above there. The building above the red dot is a simple small shed with a tractor. That means there is Reptilian Secret Underground city/base above the hill area.


In addition, I’ve found another huge untreated smelly greenish sewage coming out of a big pipe (red arrow below) beside the Cedar Creek Dam. When water release from the dam is low, the untreated smelly greenish sewage dominates here. It is really really smelly!


Around here, there is no sewage system on the surface of land. All the houses have septic systems. So we should wonder where this huge quantity of raw sewage coming from. That means there is a huge extensive Reptilian Secret Underground city/base!

Tornadoes also destroyed some area between Florence and Huntsville, Alabama.

There are also tornado damage in Town Creek & Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, Alabama.

A husband and wife were killed in Town Creek in Lawrence County Monday night as strong storms swept through Alabama, toppling trees, damaging houses and injuring at least five people.

Damage from the storms was reported throughout the state. The fatalities occurred on the northside of County Road 265, where four others, including a 7-year-old child, were critically injured. The identities of the victims have not been released.

Officials at Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville said there has been extensive damage to the day-use area and about half of the campground. Utility crews are at the park and park superintendent Chad Davis said they plan to reopen once power is restored to the lodge, marina, cottages and golf course. The campground and day-use area will remain closed.

Tornado damaged Town Creek on Google Map


Courtland Airport is the surface facility of Reptilian Secret Underground (military) Base.


If you see “Lockheed Martin”(yellow circle above) , you should realize there is Reptilian Secret Military Underground Base with cannibal Reptilians who eat human children.

Airports & golf courses are surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

All the state parks are also the surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Cities/Bases.

Joe Wheeler State Park on Google Map


All the dams are also surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

Wheeler Dam is managed TVA (Tennessee River Authority). TVA is part of Federal Government who cooperates with Cannibal Reptilians. TVA is known to have Cannibal Alien Base underground of their facilities. TVA is the half militarized facilities including some nuclear facilities and secret nuclear facilities with Alien Bases along Tennessee River.

Federal Government has made Greada Treaty in 1954 with Cannibal Aliens to offer humans as their food in exchange for Military Technologies.

Salt Well Community on Google Map


Again, there is an airport with Cannibal Reptilian Secret Underground Base nearby! The paper mill next to it is also surface facility of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Demopolis next to Salt Well has a huge quarry (=construction site & main entrance to Reptilian Secret Underground Base).


You might think I am a crazy woman makes everything related to Reptilian Underground Base. But you should know that there are as many underground cities/bases as cities on the surface of the Earth. Just “They = Reptilians” do NOT tell you!

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