Disaster Plan of Worlds’ Richest Man, Jeff Bezos?

So Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon has own underground shelter being shared with some other rich Reptilian friends such as Bush family?

This (red arrow) is the place Jeff Bezos digged his underground bunker (of course, this is the part of Reptilian Secret Underground Base/tunnel system.


We can see some digging/quarry activities on the mountains.

Marble Canyon (red circle below) with green letters is not a park. This is the address of Reptilian Secret Underground city/base.

This is the entrance from the highway TX-54.


The across the highway, again, there is an address of Reptilian Secret Underground City/Base “Salt Basin”.


Opposite side of Highway TX-54, there is Blue Origin Landing Site. Blue Origin has been founded and owned by again, Jeff Bezos.

What is Blue Origin doing? They fly a space capsule into Low Earth Orbit. Their space capsule can go up to little higher than Karman Line, 100km.

This is the proof that they, Reptilians including Jeff Bezos know they can go ONLY up to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) because Earth has been quarantined by Galactic Federation of Light right now.

SuspiciousObservers Channel guy suspects Jeff Bezos will go either down to his bunker or up to his space capsule when the catastrophe hit the Earth.

But Galactic Federation of Light might destroy his underground bunkers and space capsules with launch pads. Jeff Bezos cannot think about it???

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