Incredible footage shows calm before fatal blast on Whakaari White Island

This eruption must be the part of Cleaning-up on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

Galactic Federation of Light ships do not need to stay right on the area they want to clean up. They can do it to manipulate the Sun CME in order to erupt volcanoes. There are many ships stationed in, on, around the Sun.

Recently, American Billionaires (=rich privileged Reptilians) are moving to New Zealand. Under that volcano island in their secret underground base, you never know how many those Reptilian billionaires were hiding when the volcano violently erupted.

It looks like the swamp infested Reptilian families blood related to Bush & Rockefeller have been drained by Trump who has been financed by Reptilian Rothschild who mainly operate in Europe.

This swamp draining operation by Trump is ONLY the war against Bush & Rockefeller Reptilian swamp team.

Trump is helping Reptilian Rothschild to take over whole US Reptilian territories with all kinds of business fields.

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