Reptilians found in NBC Nightly News December 10, 2019

At the introduction of this Nightly FAKE News, I’ve already found one Reptilian just beside Nancy Pelosi@0:31 on the video at the bottom of this page.

Look at her eyeballs. Her eyeballs become vertical line and sometimes triangular.

Her right eyeball became upside-down triangle.

Reptilian Agency create FAKE shooting drama just like Sandy Hook Elementary FAKE Shooting with many “crisis actors” almost everyday in order to divert people’s attention from impending End Time the Bible predicted.

This Jewish crisis actor couldn’t remember his script. So he was putting his phone on his ear and listening what he had to say.

Can you see his smile (red arrow below)? If it was true shooting incidence, he could NOT smile at all, right?

@3:58, she has 2 eyebrows. Neck is the easy point to distinguish Reptilians. They have many strange muscle lines on their neck.

Again, this Reptilian Police in New Zealand @10:20.

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