After you graduate, you will become slaves of the debt of college education. Tuition is extremely expensive in order to make you a debt slave.

What you have learned in education system is all Matrix = Illusion = Lies.

The most absurd theory I had learned was “Supply & Demand lines” in Economics in MBA.

Do you think the quantity of demand can set the price of goods??? This is LIE! The price of goods have been decided by Reptilian Entities called corporations.

This is the best educational Matrix being taught by colleges and universities. Demand & Supply lines

If you are stupid enough, you might believe this Demand and Supply lines are true in society.

Another popular scam: Prepaid College education

My eldest son’s best friend, David, quit college after one semester even though his grand parents PREPAID his college education. There is another kind of scam “Prepaid College education in Florida”. That scam of State of Florida says you can pay monthly for the Prepaid College Education even though the child is just come out of mother’s womb. In conclusion, his grand parents lost big money they had paid monthly since he was born. Now, David is selling cell phones on Internet earning $2000 per month. He does not have any intention to go back to the college at all.

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