Several pulses of energy coming

Several pulses of energy coming (notes) Around the 10th – Around the 16th – BIGGER one mid January! – Possibly around the 13th of January. (So about mid January will be a stronger pulse)

Also the iron content of the pulses is increasing Atmosphere Disruptions Volcanos / Earthquakes Explosions

Hundreds of pulses that are stronger coming behind it This one will be strong but will only hit about a quarter of the earth, while some others behind it will hit the entire earth.

Watch for anomaly’s on/around December 10th.

We have another one about 6 days later, and about 28 days after that will be an even Larger one.

Debris fields with these particles and even in between each pulse. The Beginning of a long event .. Debris field with it and in between it! (Fireball watch)

Hundreds of pulses starting around December 10th (note – moniter the pulse and know that others will be stronger)

Note, around May 12th tipping point Possibly .. May .. July big time .. BIG year ahead. Prior to this pulse hitting , we could see some debris with this one. ( Particle buildup ) Keep watching / fireball watch

We will have some more information around the 12th. We can go over some of the things that happen with this first pulse and calculate what to expect with the next ones.

mfatw – if you can see everything changing now, and if it keeps this pace, I dont think anybody’s going to miss the changes that could take place May 12th…. but that will be a time of great consideration. Great Consideration.

Recently said – 2020 is going to be a wow, a more than an awakening. I think we’ve had the awakening. I think this is going from people realizing we could be in trouble, to we ARE in trouble. – Laura Wells notes / mfatw 5 waves of energy

Notes 📝 This first pulse is only going to hit about a quarter of the earth.. but some the ones behind it will fully hit the earth. So if we moniter anomalies around the 10ths pulse, we can calculate what to expect with other pulses that will fully hit the earth.

Not to mention that around mid January, likely around the 13th of Jan, is a bigger pulse. Yes it has a big impact on the body. Aches and pains, joints and muscles hurting, Anxiety and heart racing or panic feeling .. Some get weird heart arrhythmias / Heart flutters. Feeling very weird and odd or off like in a dream state. Very tired. Prickly tingly skin .. Pressure in head and ears.

With the earth, yes it can cause volcanos and Earthquakes. With how hard they will hit it could even cause them instantly or the day of. It can cause ionospheric charging also, which can cause earthquakes in the days to weeks after the event. It can cause explosions like chemical plant explosions, gas line explosions, nuclear plant problems ect .. atmospheric disruptions. Sporadic Outages.. and so on .. Those are some of the things it can cause.

Watching also for Fire balls in the sky as the debris field with it nears. Note – It’s really hard to say what this pulse will do exactly, as it’s the first of many like it of it’s kind.. So maybe nothing happens. Hopefully right .. but then again maybe some of it’s debris hits or we see fireballs and have outages, explosions, and magnetosphere Disruptions.. don’t know yet.

That’s why we need to watch the next month (Dec – January) But what we can do is take note of what happens with it and know that the next pulses can and likely will bring whatever it is we see with that pulse, but stronger , bigger , and more wide spread. So watching around the 16th also but majorly around mid January… Likely around the 13th .

Note it and try and remember to watch those days for how you feel and things that happen in the world, so you can calculate and be ready for the hundreds of others that are coming .. – Laura Wells

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