Shooting incidence during “Celebration of the Pearl Harbor Attack”??? in Pensacola Naval Station

“Celebration of the Pearl Harbor Attack”???

They must be crazy! But Reptilians have the reason to celebrate each war. Wars are their hunting parties to get fresh young humans to their dinner tables.

During WWII, in Okinawa, many eye witnesses saw US military loaded all the young Okinawan girls, and those girls were never come back. Where those girls were taken. Of course, there were taken to Reptilian Secret Underground Cities/Bases to be raped and eaten.

This time, again, shooting incidence in Naval Base in Pensacola, Florida??? I doubted.

What is really happening now?

I can at least guess. US military and Pentagon cannot say to the people “The base has been attacked by ET spaceships.” Especially, these disguising as shooting incidences happened 2nd time in a week. You should feel strange about them.

Galactic Federation of Light wants to finish “Ascension” before 2020 comes. That’s what Ashtar Command said in the beginning of this year. It is natural for them to be active cleaning up all those Dark Forces (=US military).

New anchor man’s Reptilian Shape-shift starts @1:23 on the video above.

Slow down the replay speed to 0.25 in order to observe his Reptilian shapeshift better. Click function button on the right bottom corner of the screen. Then click speed button.

His teeth are morphing.

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