INC church members accused of kidnapping, murder in Philippines

This symbol of Iglesia Ni Cristo Church with compass and upside down triangle remind you the symbol of Freemason?

The headquarter located in Philippine. The across the street, there is a huge transformers and strange green space. That is suggesting that there is a huge Reptilian Secret Underground Base underneath them.

Attacking, abducting and killing people against the church is common practice.

In Japan, some cults are also doing the same things to the people against them. Many prominent people against Soka Gakkai, that is the most major religion in Japan, have been attacked, abducted and killed.

The most favorite method of killing is abduct, take to the high rise building, and throw from the top of the building so that they can say those people are committed suicide instead of being killed.

It is really scary fight against those Reptilian created religious organizations.

Look who are protecting the leader of Iglesia Ni Cristo Church? Those 2 Middle Eastern looking guys are JEWS!!!

Jews (=Reptilians) are protecting and managing this lucrative Religious business.

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