Prominent Snake Oil Sales Family died by Plane Crash on the way to hunting trip (to hunt human children?)

The Idaho Falls community is in mourning for nine members of a prominent local family who died in a plane crash in South Dakota over the weekend.

Among the dead were brothers Jim and Kirk Hansen, founders and executives of Kyani Inc., a wellness company based in Idaho Falls that sells health products and supplements worldwide; their father, Jim Hansen Sr.; Kirk Hansen’s children, Stockton and Logan; his sons-in-law, Kyle Naylor and Tyson Dennert; and Jim Hansen’s son, Jake, and grandson, Houston.

So God killed all except for relatively innocent 3 family members.

Why they are guilty? Because they were modern snake oil salesmen. They were selling health products and supplements that are the modern snake oils.

The story of the Triangle of Health begins with the Wild Alaskan Blueberry. This remarkable fruit is packed with powerful antioxidants to overcome environmental stressors. Combined with 21 other superfoods, it is the signature ingredient of Kyäni Sunrise.

Their container are looking pretty and attractive. But you never know what are inside in those tinctures and gels.

Wild Alaskan Blueberry? When they make supplements, all the good stuff is gone! Those supplements are too much processed.

If they tell the effectiveness of those supplement, what they are doing is LIE! If they make big money out of it, they are guilty enough to be removed from the Earth by God.

Right now, karmic incidence is coming back to those criminals just like a boomerang.

They were going to a hunting trip. Probably, hunting human children. All the prominent Reptilians/hybrids love to hunt human children just like British Royals.

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