M 4.7 10km depth Quake Nikko, Japan

Recently, there are so many shallow quakes with 10km depth. USGS says they show many unknown depth “10km”. But I don’t believe it. If they don’t know the depth, they should have said “Unknown” instead of “10km”.

I feel USGS is covering up the real reason that quakes with 10km is attacks/cleaning up on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

The epicenter on Google Map


The epicenter is between 2 tunnels (yellow lines).


There are many doors toward Reptilian Secret Underground Base inside that tunnel.


Another tunnel beside a dam.


As I mentioned before, tunnels are part of Reptilian Secret Underground Base. When Government makes tunnels and some other structures such as a dam, they also make their secret underground base and tunnel system. Yes, all the governments in the world are owned by Reptilians such as Royal families.

Japanese Royal family = Emperor family

I’ve found an interesting article explains about closed road with an old tunnel and look out. That road got rock slide and closed forever. That area is really creepy. And for sure, that area is Reptilian area with their underground base.


This is toward the abandoned lookout.

This is the abandoned tunnel.

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