M 2.1 Quake North Plymouth, Massachusetts

This is really rare location to have a quake. Of course, this was caused by the Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

It was a tiny quake, but 48 people felt it.


The location of the epicenter is right on Reynolds Construction right on Apollo 11 Road.


Where bunch of solar panels are, where Reptilian Secret Underground Base is.

The name, Leach Pond can explain that there are blood sucking creatures living just under the pond.

Where there is Reptilian Secret Underground Base, there is NO street view on Google Map (red circled area).

Just beside the epicenter, there are bunch of historic sites where Pilgrims landed from Mayflower ship. Almost all the historic sites have Reptilian Secret Underground Bases because “historic sites” means where the achievements of Reptilian/hybrids were made.

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