You must NOT endure other’s Drama

In this Thanksgiving weekend, I had been quite irritated by shooters in my neighborhood. They have been trying to shoot and kill me for last 3 years since I have moved to the heart of KKK militants area near Rattlesnake Saloon in Northwest Alabama.

When this holiday season starts, those militants really want extra cash from Government Military Organization that want to eliminate me = a star person from Galactic Federation of Light reincarnated in human body.

The beginning of the last week, I heard shooting gun noise, but on the last 2 days (Saturday & Sunday), I did not hear any gun noise in close range.

Whether they shoot me, it does NOT kill me. They cannot kill me at all.

Especially, those shooters in the next neighbors stay very close to me, I feel their LOW vibration of “I want to kill you.”. I always think “Get your karma!” But they do not get obvious karma I can see. Some kind of karma might affecting them, but I cannot see their karma.

Frustrating is not good at all. Galactic Federation of Light should have some plans for those shooters. So I should let go that shooting condition by just observing and stay calm. Anyway, those shooters cannot do anything to me.

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