Holiday season for KKK militant agents in North Alabama is again shooting and hunting

Every year for last 3 years since we moved into North Alabama, we had to hear many many shooting noise in my neighborhood.

The holiday season is really tied to getting extra cash from US Army, Government. They want extra cash for holiday season so that they can feel merrier around holiday season.

They starts shooting at me in this timing every year. They feel “If I am lucky today, I can shoot her and kill her. Then I can get big money from US Army = US Government.”

Of course, they cannot kill me because I am protected by Galactic Federation of Light.

Since I moved, some of those shooters got karma.

As soon as we moved into the wooden cabin, one guy living across the creek got stroke. When I heard siren of an ambulance on the across the creek, I knew one bad guy was arrested by Galactic Federation of Light.

Then several houses were burnt down around my area. More houses of shooters might been burnt down where I’ve never been such as Red Bay where KKK is infested.

It is amazing, after all sorts of boomerang karma keep hitting them, still they want to continue shooting me. It looks like I have to hear their shooting until Great Solar Flash is going to sweep them from the Earth in next Spring.

But for sure, they do not look happy as before. I am sure many of them died or their health deteriorated.

A young agent I saw him in Lowes told me “Many people are missing. We are in such a condition.”

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